Cloud collaboration tailored for your business

Cloud collaboration tailored for your business

Real-time file sharing and AI driven Insights.

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About Us

A Modern Way to Share

CoralTree has developed file sharing and collaboration solutions for applications like QuickBooks™, Microsoft Access™, Autodesk AutoCAD™, Microsoft Office™, Acrobat PDF™, and other applications. In addition, CoralTree’s innovative feature enhancements have made these solutions ready for use by many business segments. AI driven technologies help users automate manual operations, provide insights into their accounts, and answer questions related to use of applications.

Qbox for Accountants and Bookkeepers

If you use Intuit’s QuickBooks™ desktop for accounting, Qbox is the collaboration solution for you. Used by thousands of happy customers already.
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ScanBox is for Accountants and Bookkeepers using QuickBooks Online™

You can use ScanBox to upload scanned receipts and checks, enter them into QBO company.
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CADbox for Builders and Architects

You can use CADbox to share construction drawings with builders, architects, contractors, and others so everyone has the current version of construction drawings.

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LegalBox for Law firms, Title and Insurance companies

You can use LegalBox to create and share Trusts, Wills, Titles, Contracts, Agreements and other such legal documents online, in a secure environment protected by Privafy security stack.


Cora is an AI–driven chat-bot. She can assist your users with account setup and problem resolution, provide insights into your shared files, as well as answer basic questions about the applications you are using. Look for Cora to become your AI driven personal assistant in the near future!

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