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Helping small businesses prosper with user-friendly technology

A Modern Way to Work Together

CoralTree makes innovative and user-friendly collaboration products that are designed to help teams work together more efficiently. We focus on bringing enterprise-grade technologies to the small business world. Whether you are a small startup with big dreams or an established business, our goal is to help you thrive.

Our customers include accountants, lawyers, architects, bookkeepers, and a wide variety of small business owners. Our product suite includes customized tools for every market segment we serve. We take pride in making user-friendly products that bring a human touch to cloud collaboration.

Qbox for Accountants and Bookkeepers

If you use Intuit’s QuickBooks™ desktop for accounting, Qbox is the collaboration solution for you. Used by thousands of businesses.

CoraCloud is for Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Tax Professionals

Personalized online portal offering secure bi-directional document sharing, file system management, e-signatures and multi-user collaboration.

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ScanBox is for Accountants and Bookkeepers using QuickBooks Online™

You can use ScanBox to upload scanned receipts and checks and enter them into QuickBooks with an elegant user experience that emphasizes a human review process.

CADbox for Builders and Architects

You can use CADbox to share construction drawings with builders, architects, contractors, and others so everyone has the current version of construction drawings.

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LegalBox for Law firms, Title and Insurance companies

You can use LegalBox to create and share Trusts, Wills, Titles, Contracts, Agreements and other such legal documents online, in a secure environment protected by Privafy security stack.


Cora is an AI–driven chat-bot. She can assist your users with account setup and problem resolution, provide insights into your shared files, as well as answer basic questions about the applications you are using. Look for Cora to become your AI driven personal assistant in the near future!


    About Us

    CoralTree, Inc. is a San Jose, CA based corporation in operation since 2009.

    CoralTree has developed file sharing and collaboration solutions like Qbox for Intuit QuickBooks, ScanBox for QuickBooks Online, CADbox for Construction Drawings, AutoCAD and Revit and LegalBox for Microsoft 365 document sharing in the cloud.

    CoralTree’s approach has been to offer enhanced features for every customer segment it serves so users can adapt new software to their operation and workflows with minimal changes. We involve our customers early in the product development cycle to get their valuable feedback on the features. This has helped us to build the right features that customers need, and introduce new products quickly while keeping costs low.

    In addition, our focus on data security, customer privacy, and 5 star rated product support has helped us build customer trust and loyalty. CoralTree does not access, monetize, or use customer data for any purpose other than to provide quality
    technical support and product improvements.

    Our Leadership Team

    T.S. Srinivasan

    President and CEO

    President and CEO

    TS brings over 25 years of business, technology, innovation and leadership experience to the CoralTree management team. He is a founder of CoralTree, Inc. started in August, 2009. CoralTree offers file sharing and collaboration software-as-a-service solutions for businesses and individuals in the accounting, legal, insurance, architecture, construction, real estate and other industry segments.

    Prior to CoralTree, TS worked at Cisco Systems, San Jose for about 14 years. As Director of Engineering and later as Director of Strategic Alliances, TS worked in different areas including offshore development, partnerships, alliances, and product management.

    Prior to Cisco, TS worked at HCL America and in HCL India as Director of Engineering in the areas of Computers and Network development, and as Senior Scientific Officer at Defense Research and Development Labs, India.

    T S has a BS degree in Science from University of Madras, and B E degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

    Keshav Srinivasan


    Chief Technology Officer

    Keshav is head of technology at CoralTree and leads our engineering team. He drives architecture, technology strategy, and innovation for all the products at CoralTree.

    He brings diverse startup experience with enterprise software, cloud infrastructure, and software-as-a-service. Keshav holds a degree in EECS from UC Berkeley and a graduate degree in ECE from UC San Diego.

    Alison Garcia

    Head of Qbox Sales

    Head of Qbox Sales

    Alison Garcia is the Head of Qbox Marketing. She manages marketing programs, activities, advertising, SEO and public relations. Prior to joining CoralTree, she worked for a number of SaaS startups managing strategic implementation, sales, and marketing. She’s a lifelong learner and is happy to jump in and learn new business aspects whenever possible.

    Alison holds a Bachelors in Business Marketing and a Masters in Business Management from California State University, Monterey Bay

    Eddie Tran

    Head of Qbox Technical Support

    Head of Qbox Technical Support

    If Qbox is part of your daily routine, you’ve probably heard the reassuring voice of Eddie Tran. Eddie joined Qbox in early 2018. He brings with him over a decade’s worth of experiences working in the tech industry (specifically managed services for the last 5). He spends a good part of each day answering questions by phone, chat, and email – ensuring that our customer’s needs are always top priority.

    “I will not stop until the problem is solved and we are all happy”

    Outside the office, he enjoys auto crossing, modifying cars, working on coding projects, and spending time with his family above all else. He and wife Michelle have been sharing a life together for almost 13  years. They have one son, Tyler, age 6, and a daughter, Evangeline, age 2.

    Brock Caughell



    Brock joined CoralTree the CoralTree Sales Team in 2020. He works hard to understand the needs of our prospective and current customers to provide the best solutions that will help get their work done more efficiently.

    Brock has earned his bachelors degree in Business Management from California State University, Fresno.