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CoraLegal Press Release

Sharissa Barnett Oct 26, 2022 7:47:19 PM


Contact: Sharissa Barnett

Head of Marketing

CoralTree, Inc.

408.217.2458 Ext.121


CoralTree Announces New Product Suite CoraLegal

Your all-in-on secure cloud-based practice management software


San Jose, CA, July 19, 2022 -CoralTree announced their newest product suite CoraLegal– a secure document sharing and collaboration platform for law firms, featuring its newest add-ons e-Signature and Notary. The e-Signature side of the platform features an infinite number of users to quickly and securely electronically sign documents, alongside the Notary feature which allows users to invite Notary Publics to electronically notarize documents. These two new product features will allow customers to efficiently help their business streamline and increase daily productivity while modernizing their firm’s operations.


e-Signatures has an audit trail feature that includes the IP address, and the date and time that the document was signed. It also includes eSignature templates for standard documents that are used for multiple client users without the need for preparing the document every time.


The Notary feature allows users to electronically notarize documents by inviting Notary Publics in different cities and counties to join their CoraLegal account. The notary can enable eSignature after validating client ID, and notarize the document with their own eSignature and notary stamp. Notaries get their own free CoraLegal accounts to maintain their electronic notary journal, as well.

With CoraLegal, you have access to features like comprehensive practice management for lawyers, which simplifies processes, eliminates issues related to human error, and helps operations run more efficiently. Utilizing practice management software allows you to share and receive documents securely over the cloud. You'll create your documents offline or on the platform and edit them anytime. CoraLegal product suite can easily be purchased here.

About CoraLegal

CoraLegal customers are able to share legal documents such as, Trusts, Wills, Titles, Contracts, Agreements, and other such legal documents online, in a secure environment. Add all your clients, use external space to share documents, or work in internal space until you are ready to share documents with clients. Edit documents in the cloud with file lock. CoraLegal stores up to 20 versions of the files so you can roll back to recover from errors.

About Coraltree

CoralTree makes innovative and user-friendly collaboration practice management products that are designed to help teams work together more efficiently. We focus on bringing enterprise-grade technologies to the small business world. Whether you are a small startup with big dreams or an established business, our goal is to help you thrive. Our customers include accountants, lawyers, architects, bookkeepers, and a wide variety of small business owners. Our product suite includes customized tools for every market segment we serve.


For more information contact Head of Marketing, Sharissa Barnett at or 408.217.2458 Ext.121.

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