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Sharissa Barnett May 5, 2023 12:52:47 PM
practice management for accountants mobile app

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Break Free with CoraCloud Practice management at your fingertips

San Jose, CA, April 24, 2023 -  CoralTree has launched the CoraCloud mobile app to enable on-the-go access to comprehensive practice management features for accountants and CPA firms. CoraCloud has a unified user experience across web, phone and tablets that continues to be best-in-class for the accounting industry. CoraCloud is a one-stop solution for practice management and has bespoke features including file storage, document editing, team and client management, task management, eSignatures, and more. 

CoraCloud's motto is to “Break Free.”  We are committed to seeing every accounting firm break free from the hassles of endless emails, chasing clients, and missed opportunities.  CoralTree has designed CoraCloud to emphasize affordability, efficiency, security, and simplicity so that accounting firms of any size can streamline their business and grow. 

With CoraCloud we guarantee that accounting practice management for accountants and CPA firms will be made simple as this app boasts of affordability, efficiency, security, and simplicity to ensure productivity with effective communication between clients and team members. 

The CoraCloud app will help you and your clients in the following ways:

  • Your clients will be able to snap a photo of any document, receipt, or bill, then upload it to their CoraCloud accounts. 
  • Your team members and your clients will be able to view their assigned tasks.
  • You will be able to remotely manage your team members and clients.

About CoraCloud 

CoraCloud is an all-in-one, secure practice management solution that is designed for accountants and CPA firms. CoraCloud includes a multitude of features, packaged with bank-level security, under one subscription. 

What makes CoraCloud unique?

It’s low-cost, no minimum number of users, unlimited eSignatures, low-cost KBA, easy-to-navigate UI, built in Doc Editor, and AI assistant. 

Get connected with CoraCloud! Book a demo and redeem a 15-day free trial.

About CoralTree

CoralTree is a software company that makes innovative and user-friendly collaboration products to help teams work together more efficiently. We focus on bringing enterprise-grade technologies to the small business world. CoralTree’s portfolio of products serves a multitude of industries across accounting, law, architecture, and a wide range of small and medium businesses.


For more information contact Head of Marketing, Sharissa Barnett at or 408.217.2458 Ext.121. 

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