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Document Sharing for Builders and Architects

Share CAD Files

  • Share Construction Drawings, Markups, Punch Lists with Building Owners, Contractors and Architects.
  • Construction document management
  • Stop carrying bulky paper drawings.
  • View construction drawings on iPad!
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Share CAD files with Builders and Architects


Share Construction Drawings

Share CAD files and drawings with Contractors, Architects and Building Owners

  • View drawings at the CADbox Web Dashboard or on any tablet
  • View page thumbnails
  • Roll back to previous drawing versions
  • Compare drawings at page level
  • Eliminate costly mistakes by ensuring all contractors work off latest drawing versions

Markup Drawings on iPad

View drawings on an iPad with the CADbox Marker App

  • Markup drawings with an Apple Pencil using standard shapes or free hand, in different colors
  • Add notes, overlay pictures, save markups in a new version or roll back to a previous markup version
  • Create or edit punch lists, send notification emails, and share instantly with all users

Share AutoCAD and Revit Projects

Are you a Building Architect who needs to work collaboratively with other Architects on AutoCAD or Revit?

  • Install the CADbox Client and Explorer on Windows to share project files
  • Lock and sync files automatically to avoid creating conflicted file copies
  • Project files can be rolled back to one of 20 versions when needed, to recover from errors

Our Customers Love CADbox!

"We have been using CADbox for some time now to manage building projects. It helps us organize construction drawings using folders, markup drawings with a variety of tools, and share the updated drawings with our subs and architects. We no longer take paper construction drawings to job sites. Instead, we just save drawings on the CADbox Marker iPad app and access them all from one device. Our subs use the project iPad and never have to ask if they have the most current set of drawings. CADbox has been working great for us and we would recommend it to anyone in the construction industry. It’s a simple, cost-effective product that just works.”

J. T. Matarangas
Mason Hammer Builders, Morgan Hill, CA

Simple Monthly Pricing


$25/m (or) $250/y per user


10 GB per user

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