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Refreshingly Simple Software for Accountants

All-in-one practice management software with one $30 subscription. Every feature you need to manage your firm and delight your clients.

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Why Practice Management?

Every feature you need with one product. Don't juggle subscriptions. Save hours of time every day.

Easiest UI Ever

Best-in-class, intuitive user interface that never gets in your way.

High Security

Keep your data under one secure roof. 256-bit encryption with Amazon Web Services.

24/7 Support With a Human Touch

Our world-class, friendly support team is always online to help you. Complimentary onboarding services.

No-Hassle Pricing

Just one pricing tier with no limits or surprises. Roadmap of innovative features at one simple price.

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🦆 icon _user folder thin_ Client Portal

Secure, password-protected file storage. Intuitive portal that is so easy to use that your clients will be amazed.

🦆 icon _check list file thin_🦆 icon _check list file thin_ Tasks & Workflows

Keep track of tasks and projects with an intuitive workflow tool. Remind clients automatically about incomplete tasks.

🦆 icon _pencil edit thin_  eSignatures

Electronically sign all your documents with unlimited eSignatures. KBA available for IRS-regulated documents.

🦆 icon _clock outline_ (1) Time Tracking & Reports

Keep track of billable hours for every task. Share reports with clients and never miss billing opportunities.

Client Data Client Data

Customize client profiles with essential details like EIN numbers and logins. Your data stays encrypted and secure, letting you focus on delivering top-notch service efficiently.

Client Dashboard Client Dashboards

Manage client interactions effortlessly with a comprehensive view for easy access to all client details. Customize each dashboard for clients to access crucial information efficiently.

Email integration (1) Email Integration

Effortlessly sync your email accounts with Basil's practice management software to streamline your communication workflow.

Calendar Calendar

Efficiently schedule client meetings and allocate time for critical tasks. This feature not only enhances time management but also ensures that accountants never miss a deadline or task again.

🦆 icon _connection thin_ CRM

Keep all client information in a centralized database. Easily access contact info, notes, and project history.

🦆 icon _pencil box thin_ Document Editing

Edit word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in the browser. Versioning, rollback, and real-time collaboration included.

🦆 icon _chat lines_ Chat

Chat with team members and clients. Ask questions, seek clarification on projects, or schedule lunch plans without leaving the app.

🦆 icon _phone thin_ Mobile App

Never miss a beat with our mobile app. Your team and clients can upload files and sign documents on the go. Stay up to date with notifications.

🦆 icon _graph chart thin_ Charts

Beautiful visualizations of your firm's billable hours, staff performance, project status and more.

🦆 icon _lock website thin_ Security

We take security seriously. 256-bit encryption and secure storage on Amazon Web Services.

🦆 icon _logo social thin_ Custom Branding

Brand our software with your company logo and colors. Drive brand loyalty to your clients and grow your business.

🦆 icon _headphones thin_ Onboarding & Support

Complimentary onboarding services and 24/7 support to ensure your success.

What Our Customers Say

"For our tax clients we have an internal folder to store their documents and an external folder to allow clients to send their tax documents to us in a secure format as well as allowing us to send their tax return to them and an electronic signature request. This has made such a difference in our day to day operations. We would not want to imagine doing business without it."

Phil Quinton
Phil's Bookkeeping & Tax Service LLC

"Basil is a one stop shop for all my accounting records, maintains all my eSignature needs, and provides a task management tool. The software team at Basil is very knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. I like that I can call for service and get a live human being who is very knowledgeable about the product and then provides a solution to the issue that I might be facing."

Lola Dunmire
Accounting Made Easy

"It has turned out as great as Qbox. I have all my clients’ files in the system. I have clients that can now safely download their work to me instead of an email. I love being able to work anyway without carrying an exterior drive. My clients like it as they are able to see their files anytime without digging through emails."

Deb Niedermeyer
Deb Niedermeyer, CPB

"Thank you so much for creating this and being so open to not only what we see as helpful but also what our clients see as helpful. This app has been exactly what we were looking for to simplifying the tax process for individual and business returns. The document security that this provides is perfect for those unexpected IRS love letters, uploading their supporting documents, financial reports, employee W-9, and delivering client 1099’s Or W-2’s."

Whitney Mitchell
CDL Accounting

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$30 Per Team Member
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Clients
  • 50 GB Storage Per User
  • 15 Day Free Trial, Month to Month Billing
  • Complimentary Onboarding Services
  • 24/7 Support

What is Accounting Practice Management?

Practice management software plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of accounting firms. All-in-one accounting practice management software streamline how your firm manages tasks, clients, and staff. Here are several aspects of how accounting practice management is important for accounting and CPA firms:


Streamlined Workflows: Accounting firms deal with a high volume of financial data and documents. Accounting practice management software helps streamline workflows by providing tools for task management, document management, and automated processes.

Client Management: Accounting practice management software products include client relationship management (CRM) features. Firms can keep track of client information, communications, and interactions. This makes it easy to provide personalized services and maintain strong client relationships.


Time, Billing, and Invoicing: Accounting firms bill clients based on time spent on various tasks and projects. Accounting practice management software allows for accurate time tracking and billing, reducing the chances of revenue leakage and ensuring that clients are billed correctly.


Project and Task Management: Managing multiple clients and projects can be challenging. Accounting practice management software helps assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor project progress. 

Document Management: Firms deal with a vast amount of documents, including tax forms, financial statements, and legal documents. Accounting practice management software offers document storage and search features, making it easier to organize and access critical information.

Scalability: As firms grow, managing clients, projects, and staff can become increasingly complex. Accounting practice management software can scale with the firm's growth, accommodating additional clients and employees without significantly increasing administrative overhead.

Efficient Communication: Effective communication is vital in accounting firms. Practice management software includes communication tools such as email and chat, helping teams stay connected and informed.

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Try the Best Accounting Practice Management Software for Accountants and CPA Firms!

Accounting practice management software such as Basil is essential for accounting and CPA firms to streamline operations, enhance client service, ensure compliance, and maintain competitiveness in a rapidly evolving industry. Basil helps firms manage their resources more effectively, improve productivity, and deliver better services to clients. Start your free 15 day trial today!