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CoraCloud Features

Secure Client Portal for Accountants & CPA Firms


Customizable Accountant Portal

Set up your secure client portal by business, individual or subsidiary. Then organize client folders to exchange and store documents based on your workflow or organization preference.

Already have your file structure on your desktop or 3rd party app? No problem! CoraCloud offers onboarding services to move your file structure, folders, and files to the cloud, all at no additional cost.


CoraCloud Task Organizer


CoraCloud’s Organizer is like having your very own Personal Assistant that never sleeps. The Organizer helps to automate projects or accounting workflows, such as document collection, monthly reporting distribution or electronically signing tax forms.

The Organizer is customizable to your workflow, so you decide your tasks and tasks owners. Owners will get automatic notifications and reminders about the task, without the need for you to follow up manually.

Unlimited eSignatures

Get your clients to sign agreements, IRS forms and other documents electronically. The documents and signatures are stored in the secure CoraCloud client portal for access at any time. eSignature templates can be created for standard documents, and stored in CoraCloud for repeated use across multiple clients. An associated Audit Trail provides details on the document number, time and IP address of signatures, and can be further used as evidence when needed.

CoraCloud's eSignature technology is truly unlimited so stop paying per eSignature or worrying about an eSignature limit!


Customizable Notifications


Always keep your finger on the pulse with customizable in-app and email notifications for Client activity like documents submitted, documents signed, or Organizer tasks completed.

Users can setup their own notification preferences. A novel feature of the in-app notification is that it is context aware. You will only see notifications for the entities you have selected in the application, which makes it convenient for quick access.

Powerful Search

CoraCloud provides a powerful local and global search mechanism to help you find what you are looking for quickly. Local search is for finding items in the entity you are currently viewing. Global search is for finding any item, anywhere in your account, or below the entity you have selected.

Different access levels allow for more control

You can add your staff and consultants as Team Members and give them Admin, Regular or Associate level permissions. Team Members with Admin permission have access to all Clients and Folders, while Team Members with Regular permission need to be given access to specific Clients. Team Members with Associate level permission are seasonal consultants, and will have access only to the contents of the Associate folder of a Client.

You can add any number of your Clients to your secure client portal

Clients access folders and files at no charge. CoraCloud Clients can be two types:

  • a Business Owner and their Businesses
  • a Corporation and its Subsidiaries

This model helps you set up any type of Client in your account. As an example, a Business Owner can own multiple franchise businesses, and also use CoraCloud for their personal tax returns. Client companies with multiple units can be set up as Corporation and Subsidiaries.

You or the Client Owner can add any number of Client Employees and third-party consultants to your account. They can be given Admin, Regular or Consultant permissions. Client users with Admin permission will have access to all Client entities, users with Regular permission will have access only to the entities shared with them, and users with Consultant permission will have access only to their documents in the Consultant folder.

CoraCloud also allows for internal projects

You can also use CoraCloud for your company internal projects, by creating multiple entities under My Firm. Only Team Members with Admin or Regular permission can be given access to My Firm entities.

You and your Team Members can work on any office document collaboratively

Documents are edited with file lock, so only one user is allowed to do edits, while others can only view the document. After the user saves edits and closes the file, the lock is released for another user. CoraCloud maintains 20 versions of the documents, with locking and user history suitable for a mission critical business environment. Any of the 20 versions can be restored to recover from errors

Associate Folder

Team Members with Associate permission will have access only to the contents of the Associate folder. They can be seasonal consultants who need to be given restricted access only to certain client documents during their engagement.

Consultant Folder

Client Users with Consultant permission can view only the documents they upload or documents they are authorized to view. These documents reside in the Consultant Folder, which is used for collecting documents from or distributing documents to Client users who need not be otherwise given full access.