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The Latest in Basil Feature Release 2.6.5

Sharissa Barnett Mar 10, 2022 4:50:39 PM

Basil Latest Feature Release Created for Tax Professionals and Accounting

If you are an accountant, tax professional, or a small business owner, then you have most likely used the Basil product. Basil is a personalized online portal offering secure bi-directional document sharing, file system management, e-signatures, and multi-user collaboration.

This product was designed to ease effective collaboration between teams in order to increase productivity. Since its introduction into the market, it has helped several businesses to manage, organize and share data in the online space without hassle.

It is the dream of Basil to continue to improve, which is why we constantly stay abreast of recent developments in the world. We are constantly paying close attention to the needs of our customers and adjusting our product to better suit you. To this effect, we have added several new features to our products to improve your user experience.

We are excited to share some of our latest features with you. The following features were released on Feb 25, 2022:


After studying your previous storage needs from our product, here are some of the additions we made to Basil storage:

  • Storage used by an account owner can be examined by selecting 'Storage' from the dropdown link. This will give users access to information like; the amount of storage space used and the amount available.
  • Storage available is 10GB per user. If an account owner has 2 team members, the available storage is extended to 30GB.
  • Owners who need additional storage can purchase 10GB for $10/month or $100/year. This feature will be available soon.

Enhanced Sort Capabilities 

Here are the new features in the sorting section

  • Sorting is persistent. This means that users will continue to see the same setting even if they log off and log back in.
  • Items can now be sorted by name, category, file type, file size, date of creation of the file, and various versions of the file. This will give a more organized outlook to the user's file and aid efficiency.

Enhanced Columns Functionality

In the columns section, here are the new features:

  • The selection of columns is now persistent. Users will continue to see the same setting even if they log off and log back in.
  • Users can now enable columns or hide them using the Show/Hide function that is available in the menu.
  • Users can hide columns that are needed to make the entire folder or file names visible.
    Columns (2)

Organizer Enhancements 

The Organizer is used to create and manage tasks that should be completed for a project within Basil. Here are some additions made to the Organizer: 

  • The Cora Personal Assistant option is available for Organizer

Cora Assistant

Cora Assistant (1)


  • You can now select users to append signatures from a dropdown list. eSignature-1

    eSignature (1)
    eSignature (2)

Learn more by contacting Basil Product Expert Ally Mohr to schedule your FREE Product DEMO! 


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