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Business Tools, Solutions, or Resources – You Tell Us!

Alison Garcia Apr 10, 2016 5:54:29 PM

This week’s Qbox Word of the Week is rather unique. Based off the different adjectives that people like to use, we realized that we would be limiting ourselves if we decided to just choose one. With that being said, this week we have decided to choose three different words, all generally meaning the same the thing. The three words for this week are as follows:


In the business world, we know that there are many tools, solutions, and resources out there for different business uses. Our mindset behind specifically choosing these words for the week is to be able to hear feedback from any of you as to what tools/solutions/resources you use on a daily basis. Which ones can’t you live without? Which ones do you despise? Are you in need of any new tools or solutions? Share with us! We want hear what you have to say!

Don’t hesitate to tweet us, email us, write on our Facebook or LinkedIn page, and inform us about what tools, solutions, or resources that you use at your business or workplace. Whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, small business owner, or other, we want to hear from you!

Check out our all social media outlets and stay on top of our blog as we dive into many different business tools, solutions, and resources this week!

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