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Eight Tips To Prepare For Tax Season 2023

Sharissa Barnett Feb 24, 2023 9:41:44 AM
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1. Collect and Organize Your Tax Documents

First thing's first - doing your taxes right means having all of the necessary information you need on hand. This includes documents like income statements, statements of profit and loss, accurate balance sheets and expense receipts. Each holds valuable information relating to the money you earned and spent in 2023 and will come in handy when it comes time to crunch numbers later on.


It's also wise to obtain a copy of your previous tax returns in preparation for this season. The IRS allows individuals and businesses to print, view, or download transcripts types, as well as request physical copies by mail.


2. Make Time for Your Taxes

People tend to procrastinate on their taxes, putting them off until the very last minute in the hope that they'll magically take care of themselves. But that pretty much never happens. This tax season 2023, it's important to prioritize getting your taxes done and filing as soon as possible. Not only does this avoid a dragged-out process, but it also ensures that you won't have to face penalties or interest for late submissions.


Not to mention, filing on time means you get a refund faster - so why wait?

3. Calculate How Much Tax You Will Withhold

If you're a salaried or hourly employee, you can typically find out how much of your paycheck will be withheld for taxes on your W-2 form. However, if you're self-employed or work on a commission basis, the responsibility of determining how much you should withhold for taxes is yours. This is typically done with an annualized income estimate, which you can use to calculate your estimated tax liabilities. Fortunately, there are a number of online calculators and other resources that can help you make an accurate assessment. Once you have this number, you'll know how much money to set aside each month in order to cover your tax bill.


4. Get Those Deductions In

Now it's time to grab those receipts you collected earlier - they're finally about to pay off. Business owners and self-employed individuals are allowed to deduct a wide range of expenses from their taxable income, including those related to the cost of goods sold, employee wages and benefits, office supplies, advertising and more.


Even in cases where you're not your own boss, the IRS tax season 2023 allows other deductions, such as those related to home improvements pre-sale, medical expenses and home mortgage interest. It's important to carefully review your options and make sure you're not leaving any of these deductions on the table. 

5. Factor In Your Charitable/Benevolent Contributions

Remember all the good you did last year? Now is the time to reap the rewards of your charitable giving - in the form of a tax deduction. The IRS offers deductions for those who donate money and/or properties to qualified 501(c)(3) charities. In order to qualify, the organization must be registered with the IRS and have a charitable purpose.


Keep in mind that any donation you make must be properly documented in order to get the credit. For instance, you cannot subtract more than $300 unless you have some form of documented acknowledgment of receipt from the organization that it was given to.

6.  Research Tax-Related Changes

The Internal Revenue Service makes ongoing changes to its tax laws, so it's important to keep an eye out for any updates that could affect your tax burden. Make sure to stay up-to-date on any modifications that may have been made in the past year, as well as any deductions and credits you're eligible for.


Also remember to review your specific state's tax laws to see if any changes have been made that could impact your filing. These will no doubt differ from the federal tax regulations, so be sure to double-check all of your information.


 7. Use Tax Software

It's the twenty-first century, so take advantage of what your grandparents couldn't and invest in some tax software for income tax season 2023. These are essential 2023 tax tips, as there are plenty of options out there, including free and paid programs, that will make filing your taxes a breeze. This way, you can sit back and relax while the program does all of the hard work for you - calculating, error-checking and filing your return with the IRS. You can learn more about the accounting industry and leading softwares that are creating a big impact with business professionals here.  By using platforms to securely share sensitive client data will scale and build trust for your firm read more here. 


8.  Double-Check Your Work

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for tax season 2023, don't forget to double-check your work. Take the time to make sure that all of your information is accurate, that you've taken all the credits and deductions available to you, and that you haven't made any careless errors in your filing.


If you're unsure about anything, reach out to a qualified tax professional who can help guide you through the process and make sure your return is accurate.

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