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Ever Wish You Could Go Back In Time? With Qbox, You Can!

Alison Garcia Sep 16, 2016 12:29:25 AM

Qbox is one of the fastest growing QuickBooks Desktop file sharing/collaboration resources based on its simplicity, affordability and reliability. What many people don’t realize is there are also additional significant benefits related to using Qbox including the ability to “roll back” to any one of 20 different versions/updates of a QuickBooks file.

If you are the owner/creator of a Qbox Regular Sync Folder, you can at any time log into your web dashboard and select the “history” icon for any individual file and you will see a list of the last 20 times any user has made an update to a shared file. By selecting one of the previous versions and approving the roll back process, Qbox will replace the active copy in the cloud and sync that version down to the desktop of any shared users.

This feature is quite useful for situations where a user has possibly made some updates that you would like to eliminate or to avoid/replace a corrupted copy of a file. The most common use for this function is when a shared user inadvertently updates a file to a newer version/year of the program and the shared users do not have that version of the software. Many of our accountant users have been very grateful to learn about the roll back function when they mistakenly updated a client’s file to a version not installed on the client’s computer.

Regardless of the reason this function is needed, the Qbox “roll back” capability when used will save you a great deal of time and avoid the possibility of lost work.

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