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How To Actually Be More Productive

Alison Garcia May 19, 2015 10:32:30 AM

Do you find yourself feeling productive, yet when taking a step back you realize how unproductive you actually were? I feel like that happens to us so often. We have all these different tasks nagging for our attention so we feel the need to bounce from one to the next, and back and forth. Unfortunately this causes us to slip into a multitasking mode. Did you know that research has shown that multitasking causes people to be less productive? Strange right? Of course we would think the opposite, but in actuality because we’re focusing on multiple things at once we are splitting the time we could be using to complete one task and possibly completing half of two or three tasks- ultimately not being productive nor completing anything at all. In this article written by Justin Rosenstein, designer of Facebook’s productivity tool, he offers a few tips on how to optimize three areas of your daily life that will help you be more productive.

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