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Liz Williams Shares Her Love for Qbox

Alison Garcia Apr 11, 2018 11:27:07 AM

Liz Williams of Williams Accounting shares how Qbox has worked well for her.  She also shares about her overall satisfaction with their customer support.

“I have been using Qbox for several years now. I’m extremely happy with their product along with their customer service, which is US-based. They are very patient. Also if my clients are having issues with Qbox, they can call Qbox tech support directly – rather than calling me to sort out their technical issues which really helps me.

I have several clients on Qbox, because I am a desktop dinosaur. I cannot say enough good things about this product that allows for me to work from my office and help clients in other states and other countries that prefer to remain on QuickBooks desktop.

I have also tried this product when I travel to Europe once a year and it works over there just fine. All you need is consistent Wi-Fi.

As for your QuickBooks versions, it depends on the year that each of your clients are on. I have clients on various years. I have installed 2015 through 2018 on my local desktop. They have to still install QBs software on their local  desktop, as usual. I.e.: If we both have QuickBooks 2018 installed on our computer, then we can share their company file in Qbox. I have several clients on various QBs years and I only need to download 1 software for each year.

Yes as far as the privacy issue, only you and the client will have access to their QuickBooks file. You can invite CPAs or other admin to have access or you can remove it. Tech support is very helpful in the beginning with that.”

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