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Making Tax Season More Bearable – Part Two: Making Sure Client Information is Accessible When Needed

Alison Garcia Mar 28, 2016 6:02:32 PM

I remember a few years back speaking to a partner from one of the largest accounting firms in the United States regarding tax season challenges. They explained that the tax season would go much smoother if they could have access to client financials on a timely basis to more capably schedule their staff to work on the financials. They went on to talk about some of the “traditional clients” of the past that would bring in their “bloodied and bruised” financials for the year that would require a great deal of cleanup work before they could embark on preparing the taxes.

We talked at length about the benefits of cloud hosted options and “Saas” (software as a service) such as QuickBooks online and Xero. What these options have done for the accounting/bookkeeping industry, in most cases, is allow for continuous access to their client’s information enabling effective scheduling during tax season. Even QuickBooks desktop clients can be supported using resources like Qbox for continuous access and collaboration.

The bottom line is “less surprises leads to more productivity” which is extremely important during tax season. Even with the necessary extended hours, a manageable schedule helps reduce the anxiety for all key staff members and creates opportunities for increased profitability.

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