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Piles and Piles of Books!

Alison Garcia Jun 12, 2016 5:21:23 PM

We are sad to say that we are down to the last two weeks of our “Qbox Word of the Week” blog series! But don’t worry, you still have time to participate

For these last two weeks we have decided to choose BOOKKEEPING as our word!

We want to know, do you do your own bookkeeping or do you outsource the job? What software do you use? or how does bookkeeping come into play in your daily life?

There are many questions that could arise from this word, so as a general reminder for this blog series we urge every client, follower, small business owner, accountant, bookkeeper, or other to take part in this series! Share any thoughts that you may have, any solutions or tools, ideas, or answers to any of the questions that may be asked.

The best way to share any insight or to hear from you would be by Tweeting us, posting on our Facebook page, or commenting in our LinkedIn group! We would LOVE to hear from you, because ultimately the design behind this series is to provide information about the given “Word of the Week” to help and benefit you.

Check out our social media outlets and be sure to follow us as we close out this blog series with the word Bookkeeping!

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