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Successful Workplace Collaboration

Alison Garcia Mar 3, 2016 5:15:36 PM

We have looked at many tools, resources, and solutions that are important for collaboration in the workplace, but this article written by Dr. Nancy Rubin addresses the more relational aspect of collaboration instead of the tech and software side of it. Do not get me wrong, I will tell you without a blink of an eye to use Qbox for all your QuickBooks file sharing and collaboration needs, but since we are looking at the word collaboration for this week, I thought I would give insight into what we really think about when we hear, “How do you collaborate efficiently in the workplace?” I don’t know about you, but when I hear that phrase or question asked I wouldn’t jump directly to naming off all the tools and gadgets that I use, instead I would name off the individuals that I work with and what it looks like to work alongside and come together with other people in my work environment. So enough about what I think, instead if you feel the urge to, I would encourage you to click on the following link that gives great tips and insights into how to make sure you and your team are successfully collaborating in the workplace. 

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