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Use Qbox Custom Sync Folders for Preparing your Client Tax Returns

Alison Garcia Jan 31, 2014 6:31:13 PM

Qbox Custom Sync folders are ideal for your clients for whom you prepare tax returns. You pay for these folders only for 1 month when sync is enabled. The folder is free for the remaining months.

If you have a Qbox Team account, you can create Custom Sync folders for each client and share with them. These folders will be created on their PC and they can move their QuickBooks Company file to the folder. The file and any changes they make will be synced so your clients will always have a backup in the cloud.

These changes will be shared with other users only when sync is enabled for the folder. Until then, the changes remain in the cloud. You can enable sync for these client folders mid February to mid March,  make adjustments needed for preparing tax returns, and  save the returns in PDF format in the same folder so your clients will have all the documents at one place. And you pay for these folders just for 1 month. There is no charge for the remaining 11 months.

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