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How Law Firms Are Working Remotely Effectively With Clients

Sharissa Barnett Aug 19, 2022 9:30:00 AM
This article will discuss how law firms are effectively communicating with clients in the remote era of work.

Law firms are notorious for their busy schedules, extended office hours, and required in-person courtroom appearances. It's not a job that many people believed could readily shift to remote work due to cultural and practical considerations. 

However, when COVID struck in 2020, businesses were forced to do precisely that, and many law firms shifted from their offices to their homes.

How Client Communication Works Effectively In The Remote Era

When a team of attorneys or paralegals works on a case, communication is crucial. 

There are many case-related issues that lawyers must discuss, and working remotely presents difficulties. As a result, you must put in place top-notch communication tools that can span their distance if you want to enable your team to work productively.

According to research from 2021, remote work will continue to exist. No matter what happens with the pandemic, the survey reveals that the majority of attorneys prefer the option of working remotely. 

The surprise development is that 79% of clients agree they prefer the remote alternative and are more likely to hire a company if it provides remote contact choices. 

Law firms must adapt to the needs of their clients. Even though remote communication is now the "standard," one-on-one sessions will probably still occasionally be required as part of the attorney-client relationship protocol. Therefore, it's crucial to keep that choice, so to speak, on the table.

According to the same research, many legal firms are deciding to put their money back into cutting-edge technology. 

Spending is increasing on secure client portal software for lawyers and SaaS tools to communicate and share files with client communications best practices. 

When virtual operations run smoothly, running a law firm is easier and more manageable. And all of this will not only streamline your company's workflow for remote workers but will also increase production and efficiency and shorten turn-around times.

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By organizing documents electronically, making it simpler to discover what you're searching for, and lowering the possibility of losing crucial paperwork, legal document management software will assist in reducing the stress of running a law firm.

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