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Top 5 Tips Law Firms are Successfully Using a Client Portal Software

Sharissa Barnett Jan 18, 2023 6:37:06 AM
client portal for lawyers


To give your clients the finest service possible, it's critical that you maintain efficiency and organization as a business professional. In terms of handling cases and interacting with clients, lawyers in particular face a distinct set of difficulties. That's where client portal software comes in.

Lawyers can easily share documents, communicate with clients, monitor the status of their cases, bill clients, and keep track of payments using client portal software, which offers a safe, centralized location to do so. Effective use of these features can help lawyers work more quickly, make fewer mistakes, and give clients better service.

In this piece, we'll examine the numerous strategies attorneys are employing to maximize their use of the client portal for lawyers. We'll discuss the advantages of improved communication with clients, simpler billing, effective client information management, and secure document exchange. Whether you work alone or as part of a larger organization, a secure client portal for lawyers can assist you in streamlining your workflows and improving client service. 

So let's get started.

Which is The Best Client Portal Software?

Before we delve into how lawyers are using client portals to improve their efficiency, we need to first determine which is the best client portal software available on the market. Which client portal for lawyers ensures you get the best value for your money?

Well, the best client portal for lawyers on the market is CoraLegal. CoraLegal is a secure client portal for lawyers who work at firms of any size. It allows safe document sharing and cloud collaboration. Attorneys and paralegals can securely send and receive client documents in the cloud and edit documents collaboratively in real-time using the platform's file lock function. With CoraLegal, lawyers may also create tasks, assign owners, establish completion deadlines, and use an automated follow-up system to make sure they are finished on time.


CoraLegal further provides an e-signature platform that enables any quantity of individuals to electronically sign a document with an audit trail for each signature. Additionally, the site offers e-signature templates for common papers that can be utilized by several clients.

Another feature of CoraLegal is that it enables users to ask notaries public from other towns and counties to sign up for their accounts and notarize client signatures digitally. In addition to applying their own e-signature and notary stamp to the document, the notary can verify the client's ID. Through their own complimentary CoraLegal account, notaries can also keep an electronic notary journal.

What else? CoraLegal is a cost-effective and comprehensive productivity tool for legal firms. It has an annual cost of $200 and a monthly cost of $20. Additionally, a 30-day free trial with no credit card required and a personalized product demonstration are provided to all new customers.

All in all, CoraLegal is a secure client portal for lawyers that promotes effective communication with clients. Let's now explore how lawyers are getting the most out of using client portal software such as CoraLegal. 

How Are Lawyers Getting The Most Out of Using a Client Portal Software?

There are several ways that lawyers are getting the most out of using a secure client portal:

1. By using the portal to securely share documents with clients

Using a client portal to securely share documents with clients greatly improves a lawyer's efficiency and reduces the risk of mistakes. Rather than emailing documents back and forth, which can lead to confusion and the possibility of important documents getting lost in an overcrowded inbox, a secure client portal for lawyers allows them to securely upload documents and share them with their clients in a centralized location.

This makes it easy for both parties to access and review the documents at any time, reducing the need for lengthy email chains or in-person meetings to review documents. Additionally, using a client portal for document sharing ensures that the documents are kept secure and confidential, as they are not being transmitted over potentially insecure email networks.

client portal for lawyers

2. By using the portal to communicate with clients

Using a secure client portal to communicate with clients helps lawyers stay organized and keep track of client communications in one place. Rather than using email or phone calls to communicate with clients, which can lead to a cluttered inbox or missed messages, lawyers can use a secure client portal for lawyers to send and receive messages from clients. This centralizes all client communications in one place, making it easier for lawyers to keep track of conversations and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. This explains why the use of a client portal for lawyers ranks as the best answer to the question, "How to communicate with clients effectively."

client communication portal for lawyers

In addition to improving organization, using a client portal to communicate with clients can also help to improve the overall client experience. Clients can log into the portal at their convenience to view updates or ask questions, rather than having to wait for a response from their lawyer. This can help to improve the flow of communication and ensure that clients feel informed and in control throughout the legal process.

3. By using the portal to track the progress of a case

Lawyers ensure they are organized and on track to meet their clients' expectations by using a client portal to follow the development of a case. The site allows attorneys to manage deadlines, make appointments, and monitor case progress. This can help keep the case on track and prevent missed deadlines.

Using a client portal to follow a case's progress can enhance transparency and effective communications with clients, in addition to aiding in organization. Logging onto the portal allows clients to view case updates and see what tasks have been completed or are still pending. This can help to keep clients informed and involved in the process, improving their overall satisfaction with the legal services they receive.

client portal dashboard for lawyers

4. By using the portal to invoice clients and track payments

Lawyers are able to streamline their billing process and get paid faster by using a client portal to invoice clients and track payments. Lawyers are able to prepare and deliver invoices to clients utilizing a client portal rather than sending paper bills or emails back and forth. This eliminates the need for manual payment processing by enabling clients to view and pay their invoices online.

Using a client portal to invoice customers and track payments helps streamline the billing process and enhance client communication and transparency. Clients can access the portal at their convenience to check their bills and make payments, and attorneys can use it to monitor the progress of payments and address any difficulties that may occur. This can help to enhance the general client experience and guarantee prompt payment to attorneys.

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5. By using the portal to store and organize client information

Lawyers are able to work more efficiently and provide better service to their clients by using a client portal to store and organize client information. Lawyers can utilize a client portal to store and organize client contact information, documents, and notes in a central location rather than depending on physical files or trying to keep track of information in many locations. By doing this, it is easier for lawyers to get crucial data when they need it, and it is less likely that crucial papers will get lost or misplaced.

client portal for law firms

Using a client portal to store and organize client data helps enhance organization, as well as client communication and transparency. Customers can sign on to the portal at any time to view updates or access their own papers and information. By doing this, you can make sure that your clients have a positive overall client experience and that they feel educated and in charge throughout the entire legal procedure.

The Bottom Line: CoraLegal is The Key to Improved Efficiency and Client Satisfaction for Lawyers

In conclusion, client portal software is a valuable tool for lawyers looking to improve their efficiency and provide better service to their clients. We have explored how attorneys are getting the most out of using client portal software, and it is evident that client portal software helps lawyers overcome challenges and work more effectively.

Also, CoraLegal remains the unbeaten champion when it comes to client portal software for lawyers. It offers immense features and never-seen-before capabilities. Its affordability cannot be matched, and all new users will receive a 30-day free trial with no card commitment and a one-on-one demo with a product expert. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today, and you'll be able to maximize the use of client portal software like other top lawyers.

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