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The 8 Reasons Firms Love Client Portal for Lawyers.

Sharissa Barnett Jan 3, 2023 9:01:00 AM
lady working on a secure client portal for lawyers

A client portal software is by no means vital for the success of a law firm, but it certainly can make the lives of lawyers a whole lot easier. A dedicated client portal for lawyers not only facilitates reliable communications with clients, but also reduces the amount of time they have to spend on administrative tasks such as responding to emails and making appointments.

This article will look at all the reasons why you need a secure client portal for lawyers.

What is a client portal software?

A client portal is a secure online platform that allows businesses to communicate and share information with their clients. It is typically accessed through a web browser and requires a login. Client portals are often used by businesses:

  • To share documents, project updates, invoices, and other important information with their clients on a unified platform.

  • To allow clients to submit feedback or requests.

  • To have their teams collaborate with their clients on projects.

Client portals can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of a business and are often used in conjunction with other business software, such as project management tools or customer relationship management (CRM) systems.


How does a client portal software help lawyers?

Client portal software can be especially useful for lawyers, as they don't have to wonder anymore how to communicate with clients effectively. A specially designed client portal for lawyers takes that worry completely off the table.

But there is a lot more going on under the hood of a client portal than just communications with clients.

1. Efficient case management

A client portal helps lawyers with tasks such as managing client information, scheduling appointments, and sending out reminders. It provides a secure, web-based system that allows lawyers to upload documents and case information, view case status, and communicate with their clients. The ability of a client portal for lawyers to save time on the back end and provide an organized way for the law firm to manage its clients is what makes it such an indispensable tool.

2. Streamlines legal processes and workflows

Lawyers can not only streamline their workflow and create new cases faster, but also update existing ones on the go. They have access to a library of templates, emails, documents, and other resources that they can customize for their clients. The portal also helps them maintain client records in one place, so they are more easily accessible and searchable. With a client portal, they can manage their practices in real time, saving them hours and hours of work.

3. Manage and track multiple cases

All secure client portals for lawyers help them keep track of their cases and projects, as they can be used to store and organize documents and other materials related to each case. This can help lawyers stay organized and keep their clients informed about the progress of their cases.

4. Improves efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of a client portal is that it allows lawyers to track the time they spend on each case. Lawyers can use the client portal to log the time they spend on each case, including the date, duration, and type of work performed. This information can be used to generate reports that show how much time has been spent on each case, which can help lawyers stay on top of deadlines and ensure that they are billing their clients accurately.

5. Fosters collaboration

Client portal software provides all members of the legal team with access to the same information in real-time. This makes it easier for lawyers to work together without having to worry about different versions of the same document popping up on different computers, or missing information because someone forgot to attach a file. Teams can easily share and collaborate on documents with their colleagues in order to save time and boost their productivity.

6. Facilitates reliable communication

The client portal software helps facilitate reliable communication between the lawyer and their clients. Lawyers can now provide better service to their clients by making sure they are well-informed of what is happening in the case and have access to all the documents they need at any given time. But an advanced client portal software also helps with attorney-client privilege by providing a secure platform where all communication between lawyers and their clients is confidential.

7. Simplified sharing

All case-related material and documents are stored in a secure, centralized location, enabling easy access to the files and simplified sharing. Lawyers typically have to share documents and other legal materials with their clients, and a client portal provides a fast and convenient way to do this. Some client portal programs, such as CoraLegal, give free access to the clients and only charge the law firms based on the number of teams or users.

8. Streamlines the billing process

A well-designed client portal software allows lawyers to send out invoices, track expenses, upload documents and share them with clients, engage in discussions with their clients without being distracted by technology, etc. Clients can view invoices online through the portal, which can reduce the amount of paperwork involved and make it easier for lawyers to get paid.

CoraLegal - The best client portal for lawyers

CoraLegal is a secure client portal for lawyers that goes beyond what a good client portal software is supposed to do. CoraLegal comes packed with features that are especially tailor-made for law firms.

Integrated Solution

CoraLegal's integrated platform gives you a variety of tools that you can use to organize your case files or even make electronic legal agreements.

Cloud Collaboration for fall firms

CoraLegal's cloud collaboration platform is secure and easy to use for any size law firm. It offers automation from start to finish and tight security, so your firm can focus on what's most important: giving your clients great legal service.

Get Documents Signed Electronically

Give your clients instant access to their documents with CoraLegal's e-signing and notarization technology. Have them sign or notarize their documents from anywhere with the push of a button, then send them back to you with another click.

Secure Sharing

CoraLegal's fully encrypted document sharing solution lets everyone in your firm share documents safely, no matter where they are.


Experience CoraLegal

To fully experience the brilliance for yourself and see why CoraLegal is the client portal of choice for the biggest law firms, sign up for a free trial right away without any credit card commitment.

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