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How Effective are Client Portals for the Legal Industry?

Sharissa Barnett Jun 3, 2022 7:50:29 AM

It’s been nearly three years since COVID-19 impacted and changed how small businesses and law firms work. Gone are the days of having to go in-office for meetings and signing legal documents – now there’s document organization, signing, and notarization in the cloud, all using legal document management software. 

Client Portal Software for Law Firms – What is it? 

Client portal software allows you, the lawyer, attorney, or legal document preparer, to work and interact with other lawyers and your clients via a secure online environment. Each involved member can gain access to the portal from you, the software owner, and can access your portal from anywhere – as long as they have an internet connection. Once logged in, they can instantly share, review, and organize documents with team members within the portal. Your team will be able to do the same. 

Benefits of Using Legal Document Management Software 

Simple and secure communication

You can communicate with clients safely and securely via the portal. Portal messages are more secure than emails because they are encrypted. This protects both your law firm and your clients. 

Streamlines multi-member collaboration 

Sharing documents has never been easier. You can discuss documents with your clients and fellow lawyers using portal communication. You will be notified of changes on legal documents, so you don’t have to check in on emails for important documents manually.  

Allows for flexibility 

If you need to know how to correct an error on a legal document or electronically sign a document after 5 PM, there’s no problem. With law firm project management software, you can organize, edit, and sign documents at any time of the day. This way, every lawyer and client get flexibility and security. 

Key Features of Client Portal Software 

Internal and External Sharing Spaces 

You can have internal spaces for team members within your law firm and external spaces for clients. Each space can have varied permissions, which can be adjusted in your settings. This way, you have everything in one space – but all of it is protected and accessed by the right people. 

Unlimited Clients and Client Types

Client portal software like CoraLegal doesn’t limit your client types or number of clients. Anyone can be your client – whether that’s an individual, business owner, or corporation. You can provide clients access to any document within your external space. 

Various User Roles

Create team members and client users to separate permissions. Users can have admin, associate, or regular permissions based on your preference.  

Document Editing and Signing the Safe Way 

File lock functionality helps you edit Microsoft Office documents in the cloud and lock your edits to prevent others from overwriting changes. All signatures are done electronically too, and the number of signatures is unlimited on CoraLegal

Notarize Documents in the Cloud

Upload documents to your account and initiate eSignatures for clients who need to sign the document. Then select a notary public from the directory of available notaries and save and send your document for notarization. 

CoraLegal: Offering Premium Client Portal Software for Law Firms 

Many law firms and small businesses see law firm accounting software as the go-to solution for communicating and working with their clients. It allows all parties to review documents in their own time, from the comfort of their own environment – safely, securely, and seamlessly. 

It’s time to start developing your legal business for the long run. 

Contact us to help your law firm function in the most streamlined way possible.  


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