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Why Lawyers Need Secure Portals for the Clients’ Data

Sharissa Barnett Jun 13, 2022 12:54:02 PM


Why Emails Are Not Enough

Lawyers handle sensitive client data all the time. Documents that carry this data have important details regarding lawsuits and private information that could have devastating repercussions if seen by the wrong eyes.


Because of this, law professionals of all kinds need to make sure that whenever they share or handle any client data on the internet, the channels they use are secure. Emails are popular for sharing documents, but they are not as safe as we are often led to believe.


Email accounts can be hacked easily. Of course, law firms are targets for unethical hacking especially when high-profile cases are involved. If emails are not secure enough for client data, then what should lawyers use?

CoraLegal: How Lawyers Secure Client Data

CoraLegal is client portal software for law firms that helps attorneys and paralegals safeguard their clients' data. Secure portals are created to safely share client documents between clients and lawyers or lawyers and other lawyers. 


CoraLegal also offers legal document management software that has a legal document preparer, law firm accounting software, and programs that know how to correct an error on a legal document.

Welcome to the Family

CoraLegal will make sure that all your client’ best interests are protected through secure transmission channels. There is no better way to gain their trust and a stellar professional reputation.


Apart from law firm project management software, CoralTree, the makers of CoraLegal also offers other programs for accountants or tax professionals (CoraCloud) and architects (CADbox) proudly showcasing a commitment to creating effective, specialized SaaS that allows professionals to shine. 


Try CoraLegal today, for that extra edge in your industry. All new users have a 30-day no commitment free trial and a one-on-one demo of CoraLegal.


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