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Tools You Need to Invest in for Your Start-Up Law Firm

Sharissa Barnett Jun 27, 2022 8:20:19 AM

All you need is a law degree and a vision to get started. Technology has substantially reduced many of the startup costs that once existed, including legal research, word processing tools, and marketing. 

Automation, online scheduling tools, and cloud-based programs make it convenient and cost-effective to start a law firm. We’ll discuss some must-have tools you’ll want to invest in for your law firm’s success. 

Lawyers today need the ability to practice law from anywhere. The pandemic sparked a year of change in the legal profession. As a result, many lawyers are now operating virtually —whether they’re utilizing a hybrid work model or they’ve transitioned to a fully virtual law firm. 

Cloud-Based Document Storage

Whether you’re working remotely or just crave convenience, streamlined access to documents allows you to collaborate and work with others from anywhere. Today, online file storage tools are crucial tools for lawyers. According to the 2020 Legal Trends Report, 79% of lawyers rely on cloud technology for storing their firm’s files and documents. You'll want a cloud-based, online file storage tool that is secure and easy to use.

One of the best tools for 2022 is CoraLegal. This tool allows attorneys and paralegals to share and receive documents from their clients securely in the cloud. You can share and edit documents in the cloud with a file lock to ensure the utmost security and privacy. In addition, CoraLegal stores up to 20 versions of the files allowing you to go back to earlier versions if need be.

Laser Printer

Although the paperless workflow is crucial, you’ll still want to invest in a good printer. A laser printer is a more expensive investment, but inkjet printers tend to be less cost-effective in the long run due to constant ink replacements. 

Reliable Internet Anywhere

You also need secure Internet access for the laptop, regardless of your location. If you tend to travel and work remotely, you can’t always rely on having secure wifi. You may need to tether with your phone or pay for a MiFi card. 

Payment Processing Software

Automated payroll software that offers convenient payment modules for your clients can make things a little easier. Some tools are specific to law firms and integrate with popular legal practice management software. 

Document Automation Tools

Document automation tools streamline the document drafting process, including letters and motions by using data you’ve already collected to generate the forms.

Tracking and Billing Software

Accurate time tracking and billing are essential to law firm profitability. Spending your valuable time manually tracking and monitoring the billing details of all your cases takes away from productivity. Look at your practice management software, which may offer features to cover this, such as legal time and expense tracking or other billing features. 

Legal Research Tools

High-quality legal research is a must for a successful new law firm. Research tools for law firms put searchable law libraries, cases, decisions, and more right at your fingertips. This will allow you to conduct your legal research in a faster and more efficient manner. 

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