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Stop Paying Per eSignature or Worrying About eSignature Limits!

Alison Garcia May 9, 2022 2:59:56 PM
Unlimited eSignature signing portal

Electronic signatures have been around for years, but with the IRS recently accepting them for paperwork, adoption has skyrocketed. The remote work era has also pushed eSignatures from a convenience into a necessity.


There are many eSignature companies on the marketplace but that requires an additional subscription. Then, most companies will limit the number of eSignatures that are allowed within your subscription plan. Other softwares may also offer integrated eSign features. This means that they partner with eSignature companies to offer it. That also means most likely, there’s an additional fee or limit. 


CoralTree has looked at both approaches and actually created our own eSignature technology. This allows us to give our customers a truly unlimited eSignature feature, at no additional cost. Unlimited eSignatures are truly unlimited to us. Stop paying per eSignature and stop worrying about an eSignature limit!


CoralTree eSignature Technology for Basil

CoralTree has developed a core set of electronic signature technologies, but nowhere is this more useful than in Basil. Send a document to be signed with ease! Signatures can be created with a mouse or finger cursor, imported as an image, or typed - all of which are supported by IRS as legally binding. Signing is done in a password protected secure environment, so that highly sensitive documents can also be signed electronically. Signed documents are stored securely in Basil, and only authorized users have access to documents.

CoralTree eSignature Templates

eSignature templates bring an additional convenience for users who need to get the same document signed by different users repeatedly. Set the eSignature template up once with the required signature fields and use it over and over to save time. As an example, IRS form 8879 needs to be signed by any client whose tax returns need to be filed. An accountant can create an eSignature template for form 8879 and just apply the template whenever the form needs to be signed by a client.

CoralTree eSignature Audit Trails

Our audit trail feature records additional information like a unique document identification number, a timestamp, an email address, and an IP address of the device where the signing took place. Both the signed document and audit trail can be printed. These documents can be used as legally binding proof of execution if needed.

Try Basil Today for Unlimited eSignatures

We look forward to facilitating transactions for our small business customers with our eSignature features. As with any CoralTree product, our eSignature functionality is intuitive and easy-to-use. Most importantly, it’s affordable for any organization regardless of firm size or number of users. Learn more today on why thousands love Basil for its eSignature feature! Basil includes a 30-day free trial with no credit card required at sign up!

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