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A Simple and Affordable Solution for Non-Profits to Share QuickBooks Files

Alison Garcia Aug 5, 2015 10:38:53 PM

Over the past several months there has been a growing number of non-profit organizations that have found Qbox to be an affordable and simple solution for their QuickBooks desktop file sharing needs.

Traditionally, non-profits will have various entities that are involved with managing and evaluating the financials for the organization. Some of those people may participate in entering updates to the financials while others are involved in advisory/board positions and only need to view the financials at scheduled times.

Using Qbox, the QuickBooks file can be shared with an unlimited number of users in remote locations and the cost is solely based on the one shared folder (no additional cost for shared users). Additionally, using Qbox, you can share other file types including image files, Word Documents, and Excel Spreadsheets. With these additional eligible file types you can also share quarterly reports or other important information.

For just $9 a month, Qbox is a great solution that does not create a financial burden for the organization.

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