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Bookkeeper Describes How Qbox Has Helped Her to Support Remote Clients Even When Severe Weather Keeps Her Home

Alison Garcia May 15, 2018 11:01:09 AM

Maura Wiser from Bluewater Bookkeeping Services shares how Qbox has helped her to support her remote QuickBooks Desktop clients even when she cannot leave her office.

“I have been able to convert most of my onsite clients to remote. This has been a huge time saver for me and has made my work day much more productive.

Living in the northeast I don’t care what the weather is doing and I can work in my home office and get things done even during a blizzard.

My clients have questions or need a quick report when I wasn’t scheduled to be onsite and QBox has made it possible to provide great customer service quickly and easily.

I really appreciate that we can share more than just the QB file and have documents that are easily accessed.

I love QBox.

We appreciate your business Maura and we are happy to hear Qbox is allowing you to support your clients, even when the weather does not cooperate.

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