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Bookkeeper Describes Why Qbox Has Been the Best Solution For Supporting Her Desktop Clients

Alison Garcia May 16, 2018 10:59:21 AM


Renee Diedrichs from RDE Bookkeeping Services shares how Qbox has provided the most affordable and easy to use solution for supporting her remote desktop clients.

“Qbox has been a game changer for my business. Remote login was always a hassle for my clients because I would have to bump them off their PCs just to access QuickBooks or I would have to schedule after hours or weekends which was a hassle for me.

Cloud hosting was too much of a monthly cost for them as well.

My SOHO (small office home office) clients couldn’t accommodate me on site so Qbox was the perfect solution. They can continue to use QB Desktop which they’re comfortable with and I can access their file anytime.

Aside from using Qbox for my clients I use it on two laptops in my own office. Every QB data file I work on is stored in Qbox regardless if they are shared with clients or not. I like knowing the QB data files are stored offsite in the cloud.

Thank you again for your valued business Renee.  We are happy to hear Qbox is providing an effective solution for supporting your desktop clients.

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