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CoraCloud Release 2.3

Alison Garcia Jul 9, 2021 8:47:28 AM

Introducing CoraCloud’s New Interface

We are so excited to announce and introduce CoraCloud’s modern design and interface. We’ve overhauled the entire application to make the software more intuitive, increase productivity and improve the user experience.

As we built the new interface, we asked ourselves “What are our accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professional’s goals and how can we help achieve them?” We’ve conducted hundreds of interviews to help answer this question and rebuilt the updated interface based on your feedback.

Here’s an overview of what’s been updated:

CoraCloud’s Design

CoraCloud’s modernistic look was implemented with a sleek but modern design. For example, the font selection is easier to read, font sizes bring your eye to the data that matters most, and a new color palette intuitively highlights the next step a user should take. This ultimately provides a better user experience.

CoraCloud’s Dashboard

While designing the dashboard, our goal was to create an intuitive flow while keeping the most important features one click away.

The redesigned dashboard displays easy to read statistics about your account. Then displays shortcut options to your account’s most recent changes to streamline your workflow.


CoraCloud’s Display and View Options

You can now choose to view your folders and files in grid view or list view. Toggle between the two to see which view works best in your workflow.

Under the grid view, you will see your folders and files as icons.


Under the list view, you will see icons on the left side but you will also see folder and file information to the right.


What’s Next with CoraCloud?

CoraCloud’s latest interface is only the beginning. CoraCloud’s software uses cutting edge technology which allows us to keep innovating and pushing updates at a faster pace. Stay tuned to see what we'll be releasing next. 

Have any feedback? We’d love to hear it!

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