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Human-Centric Software For Distributed Teams

Keshav Srinivasan Feb 23, 2021 8:18:12 AM

Global changes have forced millions of professionals to work remotely. For some jobs, such as  phone-based customer support or independent journalism, this has been a natural shift. But for many others jobs where face-to-face, real-time collaboration is paramount, the situation has become unnerving and disruptive. 

At CoralTree, we believe that passionate people collaborating with user-friendly software can lead to great results. Remote work has made it difficult for professionals to work in the same room, stand over a whiteboard and collaborate in the workplace. But we can emulate that experience with software, and in some ways streamline workflows and improve communication over what can happen in a physical meeting. 

CoraCloud is an expression of this philosophy. At its core, the software allows for the ease of collaboration that occurs when a team is working together in a conference room, making it possible for the team to work remotely on one document. 

The platform also uses the old-fashioned concept of handwritten signatures to provide a stamp of authenticity, with the modern twist of digital storage for improved security and durability. Our document approval features allow notaries to continue offering their valued services during the remote work era. Notaries can even grow their business by servicing more clients on a day-to-day basis than they could by commuting to physical meetings. 

In the coming year, we plan on introducing even more features that puts software back in touch with humans. We are working on social networking and chat capabilities for CoraCloud that will let users reach out to each other instantly for expert advice and successful collaboration. We are also exploring built-in video conferencing that can bring a human touch to meetings, which chat or audio cannot. Additionally, we are considering creating a job board within CoraCloud that will let accountants and bookkeepers post job opportunities linked to specific projects on which they are working. 

Our software architecture makes it easy to replicate features in one product to another product. There are some fundamental collaboration techniques that are common between accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, and architects. We are looking forward to introducing CoraCloud's features to LegalBox and CADbox as well.

CoralTree is here to help you, our valued customers, make your workday more enjoyable, streamline your business process, and drive your businesses forward. We are hard at work making sure our roadmap reflects this philosophy. We would also love to hear from you about your ideas about human-centric software. 

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