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How to Prioritize your Finances with Quickbooks and Qbox

Sharissa Barnett May 20, 2022 12:41:50 PM

If you are an accountant, bookkeeper, or small business owner, you’re well aware of the acute need of quickly and easily finding, maintaining, prioritizing, and securing your customer’s finances. That’s what they hire you to do! In that capacity, you probably spend a lot of time trying to locate top file sharing sites that work with Quickbook files and determine which file sharing site is the best for you and your customers.

A growing number of Quickbook users are turning to Qbox, an SaaS cloud service storage and back-up software product made by CoralTree, Inc. This is a solution that allows employees, bookkeepers and clients to collaboratively update QuickBook company files. They praise a number of its unique features, most notably its ease-of-use. Qbox allows users to easily share the most current Quickbook files with their clients. Getting started is easy: users create a Qbox account, create sync folders, and invite clients to share the sync folders. Once that is accomplished, a Qbox Client program is downloaded and installed on the Windows Desktop after which it will create these folders at the selected directory path. The portal shares files among multiple users safely and securely and maintains organization. 

Worried that your files might become lost or corrupted? While other cloud-based services may corrupt your Quickbook files over time, Qbox will not. Plus, you’ll never have to worry that you’ll lose your customer files. Qbox has a unique rollback feature that saves your previous 20 versions of that file to the cloud. Its Qbox Recovery Folder sets aside and saves your work in case a new incoming version. What if your computer crashes and you need to recover your files? Qbox users can easily restore their client files by reinstalling their client from the Qbox web dashboard. This will reinstall all files in the Qbox account.

Qbox was designed to work with Quickbook files wherever you are working—in the office, at home, or another remote location. No matter where your clients are located, Qbox allows remote access to their Quickbook desktop files anywhere in the world. No longer will you need to drive to a client’s office and  set up remote access to a client’s computers.

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