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Best Practices in SaaS to Budget your Money in 2022

Sharissa Barnett May 6, 2022 12:43:34 PM

For accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners, having a budget is vital. Managing a business's finances or managing costs as a professional in your industry should be a top priority. As a professional or business owner, personal finance software-as-a-service and applications may help you master your cash flow, become more effective with your money management, and even uncover strategies to fulfill your long-term financial objectives.

In this guide, we'll break down our small business budgeting tips by giving you insight into three SaaS products that are designed to help professionals budget their money and take better control of their finances.

Use Qbox to Keep Your Financial Documents Safe

A big part of budgeting involves ensuring your financial documents are organized and safe. Qbox is a great product for this very purpose. Qbox is an SaaS platform for sharing documents that is specifically designed for accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners who want to be able to safely share their financial documents. Qbox works together with Quickbooks to share files among multiple users in a way that is not just safe and secure, but also perfect for organization. If your financial documents are a bit of a mess, Qbox is an excellent product to use for document management.

Remote document sharing has become more prevalent in recent years, especially for those involved in accounting or bookkeeping. Unfortunately, many document creation and knowledge sharing platforms simply lack the security that is vital when sharing documents that contain sensitive financial data such as account numbers and personally identifiable information. 

The team behind Qbox saw this problem and developed a solution– a platform that makes document-sharing easy and extremely safe.

Qbox offers the ability to share files and collaborate with different users, making it a great choice for small business money management. Users can share QuickBooks attachments and access the versioning and rollback features to undo mistakes in your

paperwork. Just as well, if you’re in need of document sharing on Teams, Qbox is fully compatible. It is also compatible with MS Access and Microsoft Office products.

Prepare Your Taxes with CoraCloud

CoraCloud is a tax preparation software as a service (SaaS) that is tailored to the needs of tax professionals and accountants. CoraCloud delivers a completely customizable web gateway with safe bi-directional document sharing, document and file system administration, e-signatures, and collaboration for numerous users. This tool has electronic signature capabilities as well as encrypted data transfers with bank-level security. Document management and project management are also available to users.

Preparing your taxes in the most efficient and secure way is extremely important, especially if you are a tax professional. CoraCloud is an excellent SaaS platform to try for tax preparation, whether you’re doing your own taxes or working in the tax preparation industry.

Use CoraLegal for Financial Document Management in the Legal Industry

If you work in the legal industry as an attorney, paralegal, or client, a document management platform designed specifically for legal use cases is highly beneficial. CoraLegal is an excellent document management platform that is just as secure as CoraCloud and Qbox. Through cloud-based collaboration, attorneys and clients can share and receive important sensitive documents with ease. CoraLegal can be used to store and secure vital tax and financial documents as well.

How was our guide to best practices in SaaS to budget your money? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Find our more to learn about the best cloud-based products best suited for your industry here.

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