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Pulling Your Own Accountants Copy Using Qbox to Work Simultaneously With Clients

Alison Garcia Jun 23, 2014 7:46:35 PM

Many accountants/bookkeepers have some number of their clients that need to keep their QuickBooks file open/locked the entire working day. If you have this situation with one of your clients you can pull your own Accountant’s copy locally and allow your client to continue working in the main file while you work in the Accountant’s copy.

The steps for this process are as follows;

1. The client closes the file, allowing the sync/lock release tocomplete.
2. Once the lock is available,the accountant/bookkeeper will then click on the file from the Qbox shared folder (from your Qbox Explorer), accept the lock, and once the main file is open/locked, pull your Accountant’s copy
3. The accountant/bookkeeper will then close the main file again which will initiate the sync and make the lock available to the client so they can open/lock the main file on their computer
4. The accountant/bookkeeper can then work in the Accountants copy separate from the file in Qbox

Once you are ready to import the Accountants Copy back into the main file, you will then do the process in reverse;

1. The client will need to close the main file once again allowing the file to sync/unlock
2. The accountant/bookkeeper will then open the main file from the Qbox Explorer and lock it
3. The accountant/bookkeeper can then import the Accountants copy into the main file
4. The accountant/bookkeeper will then close the main file initiating the sync/unlock of the file
5. All of the updates from the Accountants copy will then be automatically updated to the client’s copy

Feel free to contact support if you would like assistance with this process.

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