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Qbox Feature: New File “Recovery Folder”

Alison Garcia Aug 17, 2016 12:45:37 AM

One of the ways Qbox avoids the creation of conflicted copies is through our patented “locking and syncing” process.  This process assures that only one shared user can make edits to the file and eliminates the concern of two remote users initiating changes that can then not be merged together.

In the past there have been some Qbox users that have opened a file and begun to work without having locked the file.  In some cases, that may have meant they lost some of their work based on their over site.

We are excited to announce the engineering team from Qbox has released a process where Qbox will actually create a “Recovery QuickBooks file” if Qbox sees that the version of the QuickBooks file being synced down from the cloud does not match the file on the user’s computer.

In other words, if you happen to be one of those Qbox users that mistakenly work in an unlocked file, there is a good chance we can help you to retrieve your work. If you find yourself in need of wanting to restore some lost updates to a QuickBooks file, contact our support team and we will be happy to see if we can help you restore your changes.

Thank you again for your valued business and your participation in helping Qbox become one of the fastest growing QuickBooks desktop collaboration resources.

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