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Did My QuickBooks File Close Yet?

Alison Garcia Jul 1, 2017 11:45:48 AM

As the QuickBooks program has continued to grow over the past several years with additional features and functions being added annually, some people have begun to complain about the startup time of the program.

With that in mind, the past two years of the desktop program have included the ability to keep the QuickBooks program continually open.  In doing so, if you are a user that logs in and out of your QuickBooks file throughout the day, you are only subject to the time needed to initialize the file, not the entire program.

To initialize this function in QuickBooks 2016 or later, you will need to open QuickBooks and select “Edit” and then “Preferences”. On the left, select the “General” icon.   Select “My Preferences” and you will then see where you can check the box next to “Keep QuickBooks running”.  Select “OK” and it will make the update.

Keep in mind, there are some third-party resources that will only transmit updates once the file/program are closed.  If that is the case, you will need to turn the aforementioned functionality off using the steps described in the attached article.

Saving time during the day is always key and for some of you, this new functionality may increase your daily work output not having to wait for the program to continually restart.

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