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Scaling New Heights Qbox Summary

Alison Garcia Jun 16, 2017 11:49:14 AM

We’re back from Scaling New Heights and work just doesn’t seem the same once you’re back in the office and no longer at the Happiest Place on Earth. This year the conference was held at Disney’s Coronado Springs where conference attendees were challenged to ‘Face the Yeti.’ This theme is represented by advisors who explore and adopt new technologies, overcome their fear, and have the courage to keep moving forward.

For those wondering, yes Chris faced the Yeti. He took several networking classes and met a lot of companies we could collaborate with as Channel Partners. He was also able to secure some vendors for our Desktop Time webinar so be sure to keep an eye out for those topics you may be interested in.

Mariette Martinez, who is no stranger to Desktop Time, also included Qbox as a stop on her Spanish VIP Tour. We learned about the importance of empowering Latino SBOs with the right tools for success while providing them a short demo of Qbox. We also can’t forget the memorable Salsa fiesta Chris had to participate in.


Overall, we loved meeting all our current Qbox users and speaking to all those interested in Qbox. For many conversations with potential clients, current users would pop in at the right time and explain how much they love Qbox. We loved hearing about your workflow and how you can now work remotely but still use QuickBooks Desktop.

We may have faced the Yeti at Scaling New Heights but we realized there are still a lot of accountants and bookkeepers who still haven’t heard about Qbox. Please continue to spread the Qbox news. Don’t forget that for each referral, you will receive one free folder for a month, when the referred user sets up a Qbox Plus account and creates sync folders.

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