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What Did We Learn at Scaling New Heights? (Reflections from last month’s event)

Alison Garcia Jul 14, 2015 10:57:26 PM

The 2015 Scaling New Heights conference was the first year Qbox has participated as a sponsor. Upon arrival, we immediately realized this event was very well organized and the attendee list represented a large number of the most respected QuickBooks/accounting/bookkeeping advisors in the United States.

Throughout the three day event, we were overwhelmed by the number of existing Qbox users that stopped by to tell us how much they appreciate the affordable and easy to use QuickBooks collaboration tool. They also shared how excited they were to find a resource that allowed them and their clients to continue using the desktop version of QuickBooks.

We were also excited to have a large number of people share how much positive feedback they had heard about Qbox and how excited they were to begin using it. Numerous people went as far as saying how many times they had heard Qbox discussed during the Scaling New Heights conference in classes, at meal times and any other discussion opportunities.

I guess the most common statements we continue to hear are “Where have you been and why have I not heard of Qbox before?” and “Qbox has made my life so much easier!” The first statement reminds us how little we have done in the way of outward marketing over the past few years and the second is a confirmation that there are a large number of people looking for a simple and affordable way to collaborate with their QuickBooks desktop clients.

As Qbox continues as one of the fastest growing QuickBooks collaboration tools, we hope you will take time learn more about this valuable tool for supporting your QuickBooks clients.

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