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Qbox Not Just For Bookkeeping…Tax Accountants Continue to Be One of the Largest Active Users

Alison Garcia Sep 8, 2013 7:12:27 PM

In numerous discussions with tax accounting firms I often hear the statement “Qbox is not a fit for us because we don’t do any bookkeeping work”. In actuality, tax accountants represent the largest number of Qbox users. As part of a recent Qbox client forum we asked clients what they liked about Qbox and how it can possibly be improved.

As part of that process we heard comments such as “I am intending to move all of my tax clients to Qbox because the cost associated with one of my staff members helping our clients to download their QuickBooks file, send it to our office, send it back and then coach them through the reinstallation process, is much greater than the low annual cost per client for Qbox”.

Additionally, we heard several of our tax accountants say “with Qbox I have the ability to not only answer client questions throughout the year by simultaneously looking at their financial information, I can also run different scenarios and pull reports when a client asks for quarterly or annual forecasts”.

There is no doubt that Qbox is an exceptional tool for bookkeeping work but we also know that there is no other tool that can simplify tax accounting like Qbox.

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