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Qbox and Multiuser QuickBooks Company Files

Alison Garcia Sep 12, 2013 7:10:49 PM

Can Qbox be used with QuickBooks company files in multiuser mode? the answer is yes. Please see the procedure I have outlined below for setting up Qbox.

Can Qbox eliminate the need for using QuickBooks company files in multiuser mode? I think in many cases the answer is going to be YES.  Remember that you can share QuickBooks company files setup in a Qbox shared folder with any number of users at no additional cost. Users can lock the file to make changes, then sync and release the lock when they are done. Internal or external users can work on the company file seamlessly by taking turn to acquire file lock to enter transactions in their respective areas. User permissions can be setup in QuickBooks by the administrator of the file. QuickBooks performs at its very best as each user is accessing the file on their own desktop. The restriction here is that they cannot work on it simultaneously.

If you do want to  use the company files in multiuser mode, it is easy to setup and use:

1. Install Qbox on the Windows system or server where the company files (QBW fles) are hosted.

2. Move the company file into a Qbox folder, share this folder (in Windows) with the users on the network (internal users).

3. Change Qbox Sync to Manual.

4. Right click on the file name and Lock the file

Now any of the users (internal users) can work on the company file in the mutliuser mode. When you are ready to sync changes and share with external users, make sure that all the internal users have closed the file, and then sync the file by clicking ‘Sync Now’ on the Qbox Explorer. When syncing is completed, acquire the lock again by right clicking on the file name to continue working on the file. If any of the external users need to make changes, then do not lock the file or open the company file until the external users are done with their changes and Qbox has completed sync.

Please contact if you have any questions. Comments welcome!

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