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QuickBooks Backup and Qbox

Alison Garcia Sep 6, 2013 7:14:04 PM

Several users have asked me if there is a need for continuing with QuickBooks back up, now that their company files have been setup in Qbox.

The answer is YES. You do need to continue backing-up your data in QuickBooks periodically, for two reasons:

1. QuickBooks corrects any errors in the data files during the back-up process. For this reason, please do the backup with the verification option enabled.

2. QuickBooks uses the TLG file to recover any errors; once backup with verification is completed, the TLG file is zeroed out. Without regular backup, the TLG file will keep growing.

As you may have noticed, Qbox syncs both QBW and TLG files together as a pair so backup can be done by any of the shared users on their system, once sync is completed.

Restore is another matter – you can restore your QBW and TLG files together as a pair from Qbox should it become necessary. As an example, if you have a new system, you can login to your Qbox account, and simply download and setup Qbox client on your new system. All your folders and files will be restored automatically to the last synced version, without a need for any special operation.

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