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Use Qbox for Doing your Clients Tax Work

Alison Garcia Oct 20, 2013 7:22:02 PM

Qbox is an excellent collaboration tool for QuickBooks which can save considerable time and increase productivity both for tax preparation and bookkeeping services.

As Qbox makes sure that all shared users have identical copies of the QuickBooks company file, CPAs can lock the file, and create an ‘Accountant’s Copy’ for themselves after setting a ‘Dividing Date’. Clients can continue working on the file while their CPA makes adjustments and prepares taxes for the previous fiscal year. When the work is complete, CPAs can again acquire the lock, and ‘Import’ the changes into the company file themselves, instead of entrusting this work to their clients. This makes the whole process efficient, as the CPAs can control the process themselves. If the adjustment to books are not many, CPAs or their bookkeepers can enter these transactions themselves.

Qbox makes QuickBooks collaboration  very convenient for bookkeeping services as well. Client company users and their bookkeepers can alternatively acquire file lock to enter and sync their edits.  Users lock the file ‘on-the-go’ to make changes or have worked out a day/time slot for each user so they know that the file lock will be available for them to make changes.

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