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Qbox Sync Issues – Amazon Web Services Update

Alison Garcia Mar 1, 2017 11:43:10 AM

We wanted to thank you once again for your valued business and make you aware of the situation that was causing Qbox to present “Sync Errors” earlier today.
Qbox is a product that provides “cloud enabled file sharing”. While working in a file shared through Qbox, you are utilizing a local instance of that particular file that is not dependent on the internet for access. However, the internet is required to initiate the “lock” for a file and once you are done working, Qbox syncs any updates via the cloud to your shared users.

Our contracted web hosting company is Amazon Web Services. They are recognized as one of the largest providers of web hosting services in the world. When Amazon was experiencing issues today, it was inhibiting Qbox from syncing updates from a local user to the cloud and subsequently to any and all shared users. Based on what we found in the media today, Amazon’s issues also affected a number of other organizations across the United States and Amazon has restored all cloud services expeditiously, even though several regions and services were affected.
It appears all of our cloud servers are now working normally and all Qbox files that were waiting to sync have since completed the process. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you are still experiencing issues with your Qbox account.

We are proud to report that Qbox has only experienced a few issues over the past five years that have temporarily affected our users as was the case today. However, we have decided that based on today’s situation, we want to look at even more ways to avoid issues in the future and create more efficient ways to communicate with our valued clients.

With that in mind, we are initiating the following within the next 5-7 days two weeks:
1. Going forward, we will have an alternate email communication resource so that we are able to send emails to our customers even if the primary email system fails.
2. We are updating the Qbox website and will now have the ability to post emergency banner notices. So as a Qbox user, you can find updates/notifications regarding any current issues from the home page of the website.
3. From the home page of the website you will have the ability to “chat” directly with a Qbox representative and ask questions regarding any sales or support related issues.
4. We want to remind everyone that you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Those viral mediums will also be updated immediately should an issue occur in the future. (links to each can be found on the home page of the website
We thank you once again for your valued business and we will continue to look for effective ways to improve your desktop file collaboration experience using Qbox.

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