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What are Top QuickBooks Apps?

Alison Garcia Dec 17, 2021 12:17:33 PM

QuickBooks Apps are used by entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to ensure that their company is using the most up-to-date strategies. One of the primary features of QuickBooks Apps is that they can assist you in raising your productivity and boosting your business' bottom line. Intuit-approved QuickBooks online apps can integrate with over 650 popular business programs, making them even more useful for all enterprises.

This gives you an advantage in some of the day-to-day activities in your firm, such as invoicing and bookkeeping or even to track expenses. QuickBooks is a set of dynamic tools that cover every area of accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting for a small or medium-sized corporation.

We'll learn more about QuickBooks integration, QuickBooks add-ons, and the best Intuit-approved QuickBooks online tools for your business in this post.

What are Top QuickBooks Apps?

QuickBooks, also known as Intuit QuickBooks, is an accounting software that assists the daily running of different business activities. It's mostly targeted towards small-business systems as it is meant to help these businesses come into the limelight faster. Basic accounting activities like creating and sending invoices, inventory management, expense management, and documenting transactions all require QuickBooks Apps.

QuickBooks is designed specifically for each of them and is required for other business functions such as customer administration, estimations, signatures, online bank reconciliation, and expense monitoring.

QuickBooks can be extremely beneficial to businesses of all kinds, but it can be difficult to integrate into corporations. A large training session may be required for entrepreneurs who have never had any accounting experience. The platform has an app store with a range of add-ons to satisfy every business need, in addition to all of the financial functions it supports.

Even with its multiple capabilities, customers still seek cloud based connectivity with other tools they employ through the QuickBooks app marketplace. QuickBooks integration allows you to integrate data from your company's apps with QuickBooks, making business accounting even easier.

What is a QuickBooks Add-on?

QuickBooks add-ons are programs (apps) that work in tandem with QuickBooks or QuickBooks Desktop to complete a specific activity. Intuit-approved QuickBooks online apps add-ons are downloaded and installed over the Internet on your smart device or computer.

There are numerous QuickBooks add-ons/apps available to assist organizations in saving money, maintaining accurate data, job costing, automating information processing, securely sharing data, maintaining CRM, and more. While Intuit provides several QuickBooks add-ons for businesses, there are hundreds more available from third-party suppliers.

QuickBooks add-on packages can be purchased and installed to extend the capabilities of QuickBooks, which runs in the background on your business's smart devices. The QuickBooks Payroll add-on, for example, allows you to pay your staff with quick checks printed from the computer and calculate payroll taxes instantly. There's also the Merchant Service add-on, the Point of Sale add-on, and so on.

4 Examples of Intuit Approved QuickBooks Online Apps that Good for QuickBooks Integration

Let's look at 4 of the top apps for QuickBooks Online integration that will help you improve your performance and satisfy your company's specific needs.


With a combination of automation and visualization, Float provides you and your financial team with an accurate cash flow forecasting baseline. The nice thing about this software is that it automatically updates itself with data from your QuickBooks account every 24 hours. You create your projections and then allow this app to access your live data to get the forecasts you require.

SOS Inventory

The SOS inventory software is developed to assist industrial companies with inventory and order management. When you need to ship from several locations, this tool connects with QuickBooks to ensure that your data is not repeated.

It enables SMBs to better manage operations while synchronizing financial data with QuickBooks Online.

Insightly Time Management App 

Insightly is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that works with QuickBooks effortlessly. It helps with prospects for repeat business, referrals, and goodwill. It's a fantastic tool that helps you manage projects, build client connections, and increase sales. 

QuickBooks Time 

With QuickBooks Time, you can link your employees' time to QuickBooks Payroll. As a result of this, payroll will run more smoothly. You will no longer have to bother with paper timesheets or manual time spreadsheets.


Are Third-party Apps Quickbooks Worth it?

QuickBooks third-party apps are worthwhile investments because they save you time and money when added to your QuickBooks file. They are an excellent choice for any small business owner in need of bookkeeping assistance.


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