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What is Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks?

Alison Garcia Oct 22, 2020 3:18:15 PM

As you grow and scale your business, you’ll need to make important decisions. Statistics and your business experience will help you but your raw data should always be the answer. So, how do you convert your raw data into analysis to ultimately improve your decision making?  Intuit made this easy by offering QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting.

Your next question surely has to be ‘What is Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks? As always, we’ve done our research will help you answer the following questions:

  •       What is Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks?
  •       How do I Install and Use QuickBooks Advanced Reporting?
  •       What are QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Templates?
  •       How do I set up Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks?

What is Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting is an Enterprise feature that provides your company better insights to help manage and grow your business. QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting allows users to create templated yet customizable reports or create their own with a few clicks.

How do I Install and Use QuickBooks Advanced Reporting?

Now that we’ve answered your basic what is Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks question, you may want to implement it in your business and install it. If you are using QuickBooks 2018 and above, you’ll first need to ensure your QuickBooks is on the latest release to install and use QuickBooks advanced reporting. Then you will need to sync your license data online. You can do so by selecting the Help menu, then selecting Manage My license. Select to Sync Data License Online. Now you can start the install process. To do so, go to the QuickBooks Reports menu and select Advanced Reporting.

What are QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Templates?

Now that you have the feature installed, you can select to use any of the QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Templates. QuickBooks Enterprise advanced reporting has a large variety of templates available that include:

  •       Profit & Loss Reports
  •       Balance Sheet & Net Worth Reports
  •       Income & Expenses Reports
  •       Sales by Customer Reports
  •       Sales Tax Reports
  •       Purchases by Vendor Reports
  •       Payroll Reports
  •       Banking Reports

These QuickBooks Advanced Reporting templates will automatically fill in your company data. This will save you time every time you select one of the many QuickBooks Advanced Reporting templates or create a new report. It also helps you reduce errors and reduce redundant financial tasks.

How do I Set Up Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks?

If you have looked through the QuickBooks Advanced Reporting templates but can’t find what you really need, you can set up your own reports. From any report, you can right click and select Properties to add new columns or data to the report. As you select which data or columns you want or need, there are 2 specific terms to look for:

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Expressions – Allows you to add a column to the report with options of tables and fields.

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Dimensions – Allows you to group and subtotal data within the report.

You can then select the information from the table or column you want added to your report. For example, if you want to see income, select the Income table.

Share your QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting with Qbox!

Now that we’ve answered your basic What is Advanced Reporting in QuickBooks questions, you can implement QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting in your decision-making process. If you need to share your QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Reporting or even your entire QuickBooks Desktop file with remote users, consider doing so with Qbox. To learn more, visit

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