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Basil | The Next Generation Of Business Software

Keshav Srinivasan Aug 11, 2023 9:07:18 AM
accountant working remotely on her laptop

Cloud computing has given great efficiency gains to large businesses, across accounting, finance, and HR management. However, these gains have not carried over to the small- and medium-sized business segment. Many small businesses are still reliant on older generation techniques to manage their workflows and engage with clients - techniques that are inefficient and often insecure.


For businesses that have moved beyond spreadsheets, emails, and flash drives into more modern tools such as task management software and online file storage - one problem has been solved but another emerges. Business owners are left juggling multiple expensive subscriptions and employees are constantly switching between different applications to get their jobs done. This leads to more sources of frustration and inefficiency.


Enter Basil - an all-in-one practice management product from CoralTree that disrupts this problem with a comprehensive solution. Every feature that accountants need is packed into one affordable and intuitive software product. Basil includes client management, file sharing, time tracking, eSignatures, billing, chat and more.

Accounting firms and small businesses love Basil because of its attractive selling points:


✔ Best-in-class user experience

 ✔Modern workflow management

 ✔Charts and reports

 ✔Mobile app 

 ✔Bank-level security

 ✔Competitive pricing

 ✔Excellent onboarding and support


Basil is paving the way to the newest generation of business management software. This generation will see cloud computing democratize benefits for everyone, whether they have thousands of employees or just a small, passionate team. 


Try Basil for FREE now! 15-days with a complimentary demo with Basil Product Experts.  Schedule your demo here. 

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