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How to Choose the Best QuickBooks File Sharing Application

Sharissa Barnett Jul 1, 2022 7:15:29 AM

QuickBooks is an essential tool for tens of millions of accounting professionals. But when those pros need to share QuickBooks files and collaborate with other users, what do they look for? How do they know they've made the right choice in QuickBooks collaboration software? Here are five essential features to look for when choosing the right tool for all your QuickBooks file sharing needs.

1. Sharing Files With Multiple Users Effectively

When you have the need to share QuickBooks files, it's likely that you'll need to share with more than one person. A good QuickBooks collaboration tool will let you invite a whole team at once, and set the sharing permissions for that team. And it's essential that files that are being edited are locked, with the rest of the team getting the latest changes when the file is saved.

2. Versioning Files and Rollback

An important part of group collaboration on files is the ability to see what's changed in a new version. Versioning allows you to not only see who made changes (and when they made them), but also to roll back to an earlier version in case of unnecessary changes or a corrupted file. 

3. Sharing of QuickBooks Attachments 

It's quite common that QuickBooks files will have other documents, attached in formats like PDF, JPEG, and TIFF. A good collaboration tool will provide a central location for access to these attachments, along with the ability to manage who can read and write these attachments. A key feature to look for is an app that gives you a centralized view of all your shared files and folders.

4. A Simple Interface for Administration

Sharing, Versioning, and Rollback are all powerful tools, but they also need to be easy to administer. A good QuickBooks collaboration tool will have a simple Web Dashboard where you can quickly perform your administrative functions like releasing file locks, rolling back to earlier versions, and managing your sharing invitations.

5. Industry-Standard Security

And of course, it's very important that the sensitive company data in QuickBooks be secure when you are sharing it. The tool you decide on should feature bank-level security and be stored with a trusted cloud provider.

Qbox: All This and More!

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