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QuickBooks Remote Access for Accountants

Alison Garcia Sep 25, 2020 3:27:05 PM

Tax season is right around the corner. As accountants prepare to make year-end adjustments, you may ask yourself the following questions:

  •       How can my accountant access my QuickBooks Desktop?
  •       How do I share my QuickBooks Desktop with an accountant?
  •       Can QuickBooks be accessed remotely?

Not to worry, we did our research and found the two most popular options for QuickBooks remote access for accountants. In this article, we’ll cover these QuickBooks remote access options and discuss its advantages and limitations.

QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access: Screen Sharing Solution

The first QuickBooks remote access for accountants is screen sharing in which TeamViewer, Splashtop, and GoToMyPC are among the popular choices. In this method, you can use your computer and remote into your client’s computer. Once remoted into the computer, you can control QuickBooks as if you were sitting at the computer. Most screen sharing options allow you transfer files from your client’s computer to yours so you can save important information locally. Some even offer remote printing.

There are some disadvantages to this QuickBooks remote access method. With screen sharing, the client’s computer must always be turned on. You’ll also be taking over the client’s entire computer so you’ll have to schedule your work with the client beforehand. While you’re working, you’re relying on the client’s internet connection and speed. During peak hours, you may find the screen sharing method lag causing additional issues and frustration.

QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access: Hosting QuickBooks Desktop

The next QuickBooks remote access for accountants is hosting in which Right Networks is the preferred Intuit partner. This option is best suited for QuickBooks Enterprise remote access, where there are many users from different locations. With hosting, your software is running on a server in the cloud which allows for QuickBooks remote access for accountants. Authenticated users can access the server with on any device and unlike screen sharing, users can work at the same time.

There are some disadvantages to hosting. Because it is cloud based, all users must have proper internet connection or they may experience the same lag discussed in screen sharing. Pricing is also a disadvantage as most hosting companies charge monthly fees per user who access the server.

QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access: Other Options

There are other options for QuickBooks remote access for accountants such as emailing your company file, creating an Accountant’s copy or even giving your accountant a thumb drive with your file. These methods can be complicated involving many steps to get the file to your account and then to restore the file once done.

Ditch QuickBooks Remote Access for Accountants and Use Qbox!

An alternative to QuickBooks desktop remote access is Qbox. Qbox is a cloud-enabled collaboration software that helps users share files over the Internet. Files in the Qbox folders on one user’s Windows computer, are synced to the Qbox cloud server and then to the shared users’ Windows computers, so everyone has identical copies of the file. There’s no need to log in to your client’s computer, pay hefty hosting fees or manually send your files back and forth as all users have access to the entire QuickBooks file. To learn more, visit

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