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Qbox Provides Simplified “Roll Back” Capabilities With Access to Any One of 20 Previous File Versions

Alison Garcia Aug 22, 2016 12:41:55 AM

We regularly receive calls from Qbox users describing various potential issues that have arisen with their local QuickBooks file unrelated to Qbox. They are of course very relieved to learn that not only are their files always backed up and available in the Qbox cloud, they also have access to any one of the last 20 updates/versions of their QuickBooks file.

By having these previous versions available, users are able to easily avoid the following;

1. QuickBooks files corrupted by some other process
2. Files inadvertently updated to a newer version not available to clients/shared users
3. Changes made within a QuickBooks file that need to be eliminated

The rollback process can be completed very simply with just a few clicks from the web dashboard of a Qbox user. For more information regarding this function/feature, feel free to contact support at any time.

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