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Desktop Time with Seth David

Alison Garcia Aug 20, 2019 5:04:00 PM

What’s happening in our industry? The same thing that always happened.
There are people who embrace it, and there are those who suffer from extreme inertia. Earlier this year, (yes 2019), I stumbled on an old LinkedIn group I hadn’t been in for a long time, and much to my shock found that there are people who still don’t feel you should use bank feeds.
This is the modern day equivalent of someone saying we should go back to using green ledger paper. I found myself wanting to make my case for how insane that is to me. Then I realized that would be a distraction from what I really need to be focused on; And what I need to be focused on is doing things today that get me to where I want to be tomorrow. I need to take care of myself, not focus on others who don’t want solutions.
It’s incredible but I see the same people all of the time on Facebook complaining that they don’t know how to streamline their workflows etc… And then the same people complain that they are working too much and not making enough money. Then, the same people complain every time something goes wrong with QuickBooks and it’s usually those same people who have a problem for every solution you offer them.
I can’t spend my time on people who don’t want solutions. Earlier this year I made some changes. I had to. I was falling into the same trap of working a lot of hours but not really getting ahead. Then I remembered something I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk. I’m good at a lot of things; But I have to focus on the ONE thing that I do better than all of the other things. You know what that is?
Teaching. Content.
And it’s probably no coincidence that teaching is also what I love doing most. You know what my favorite kind of day is? It’s a day when I wake up. I have no appointments. No clients emailing or asking me for anything. I can get up, enjoy my morning coffee while reading the Wall Street Journal, then I eat my breakfast, and I get to work. That work is just writing, recording, editing, and publishing content. When I wake up and every single day looks like that, then I am TRULY living my dream. If more people would get that clear and focused on what their vision is for what they want for themselves, they wouldn’t have a reason to complain.
When I got this clear and focused on what I wanted everything turned around, seemingly overnight. I got busy developing my bulletproof bookkeeping course. I outlined a nice lineup of courses I wanted to do. Then, as it turned out, the guys who did my website abandoned me. They refused to support a site they built for me, and maintaining it was above my pay grade because of what they built specifically. I had already been looking into a platform called Kajabi just for the courses. The more I looked at this platform the more I realized how many headaches would be relieved if I just made this the platform for my whole site. So I got to work. 
Now I am just moving content over little by little. I am making this into a community. It’s called Nerd Buzz. People have to set up an account on my site – even to access the free stuff. This allows me to stay in communication with everyone who wants to be a part of my world. Every week I send out an email. This is not your typical “newsletter” type email that many marketers send out. I share my experience for the week – what I am learning and doing each week. Then I include updates – What content I’ve added this week (new free posts, courses, and lessons), when I am going to be on Desktop Time, those kinds of things.
If everyone had this kind of crystal clear clarity they wouldn’t have time to complain about things. They would be too busy making their dreams come to life. That’s where I am at today. I started this off by posing the question: What’s going on in our industry? The answer was change. Lots of it. So you know what I am doing?
I’m changing.
I’m rolling with the punches and I’ll share something personal with you. This time in my life is bittersweet. On the one hand, career wise it’s the best time of my life. I am truly doing what I love to do and I am not doing it for anyone but myself. At the same time I am losing the greatest loves of my life so far. Two of my three dogs are very close to their time. That makes this about the saddest time of my life. Maybe it’s not an accident; maybe I needed the good with the bad so I could learn and experience balance.
I’ve learned that I can do one of two things: I can spend my time chasing people and trying to convince them about what I’ve figured out; Or, I can spend my time chasing my dreams and inviting those who are willing to come along for the journey and the ride.

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