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Should I Move to QuickBooks Online or Stay With QuickBooks Desktop?

Alison Garcia Feb 15, 2015 7:12:20 PM

The discussion regarding when/if/why QuickBooks users should move to the online version has been debated/discussed/analyzed within literally hundreds of different forums throughout the web.  (possibly thousands)

On one side of the debate/discussion, you have large software companies that are anxiously moving their users as quickly as possible to the cloud which not only simplifies their support requirements but it dramatically increases their overall profit/revenue as they are no longer paying the expense of creating disks/packaging and avoiding the cost of brick and mortar resellers.  Additionally, they are collecting monthly subscription fees and avoiding users only buying a license once every 3-5 years.

On the other side of the debate you have those users that do not like the change in user interface that inevitably happens with a cloud based version of a desktop resource.  Additionally, they do not want to pay more money for a resource that does not have the same feature set their desktop application includes. Regardless of any creative math, if you are keeping your same license for 2+ years, the desktop solution is the most cost effective.

Now in some cases, a cloud based solution is a more efficient option.  One example would be a user that wants access to their financials from any computer via a web browser.  Another possible scenario would be a user that simply wants to share their file with other remote users but have the ability to work simultaneously.  If that is important to you as a QuickBooks user, it absolutely makes sense to move to a hosted or Saas based option.

So here is the good news, “the sky is not falling”, you are not computer illiterate if you do not move to the cloud “soon enough”, and your desktop is not leaving any time soon.  By the way, regardless of what people tell you, YOU HAVE OPTIONS!

So if you are interested in a much simpler and less costly way of sharing your desktop QuickBooks file with a remote user, visit us at

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