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Accounting Software for CPA's that Maximize Efficiency

Sharissa Barnett Nov 2, 2022 1:00:00 PM
what kind of software does a CPA need? CoraCloud.

What kind of software does a CPA need?

CPA is a Certified Public Accountant who has passed the CPA Exam to meet the state licensing requirements to qualify as a CPA. Accountants with CPA status will have more flexibility in their career, and they generally get the license for just the state that they live and work in. A CPA is an accountant with more qualifications and therefore more opportunities.

A CPA often works in government, education, public accounting, business, and non-profit sectors. Almost every industry has opportunities for CPAs to work, and it allows for a lot of versatility in available work.

A CPA has to understand internal auditing, tax preparation, financial statements, income tax, forensic accounting, and financial planning. Their main focus is on helping a business succeed. A CPA has the education, experience, and licensing beyond that of an accountant which allows them to be more qualified in helping a business achieve its goals.

To become a CPA, one has to pass the Uniform CPA Examination, which is created and graded by the American Institute of CPAs, although licensing is done by Boards of Accountancy at the state, district, and county levels.

What Kind of Software Does a CPA Need?

Requirements for CPA accounting software that helps with paperless transactions between businesses and CPA firms. The software can help calculate the money lost when acquiring new customers and help determine the cost per acquisition so a business can understand the finances behind gaining new clients. It can help businesses understand the ideal amount to spend per client acquisition as well.

A CPA needs software that can meet their needs for their small to medium-sized business. The needs of each CPA tend to involve understanding cost per acquisition, communication with clients, billing, and more. Having software that can aid in all of these tasks in one place can greatly help CPA management.

Generally, CPA software is subscription-based and requires a monthly fee for use. This means that it can be ideal for large companies with many employees. Traditional software is generally difficult to use by multiple people at once, as it is not cloud-based and data can be lost if there are multiple editors at one time.

Depending on the accounting firm, they might need software that costs less but performs just as well as the more expensive variants. Not every type of business can use subscription-based software, and many businesses would rather pay a set amount to save money.


Basil is an accounting practice management software from CoralTree that serves small and medium businesses. Basil is a secure client communication portal that allows tax professionals and accountants to communicate with their clients, team members, and consultants to best provide for their business.

Basil is all-in-one and easy to use which ensures that clients and customers alike will be pleased with the firm software. Basil includes the ability to do unlimited electronic signatures, customized notifications, time tracking, organizers, task management, billing details, sharing of documents, and more.

The large range of features allows efficient business while also being private, secure, and safe to use. Interactions with clients will be easy and simple for everyone involved.

Basil's features include document sharing, task management, organizers, time tracking, billing details, electronic signatures, knowledge-based authentication, customizable notifications, and more. These features will fit your workflows and help you run your business more efficiently while protecting your privacy, security, and the integrity of your data. Accountants can manage their firms with high accuracy and ensure smooth client interactions.

Per the name, Basil is cloud-based, which means that users can access documents from anywhere at any time. Customers can easily start using Basil, and it is designed to be self-service and does not require an expert.

Additionally, CPA firms will only have to pay for their employees; there is no cost per client, which allows for a high level of scalability.

Signing up or booking a free demo of Basil here will give you a 30-day free trial to check out Basil and its features to see if this software is the right fit for your CPA accounting firm.

Basil is the leading software for CPA businesses, and it is unique in its ability to cater to small and medium-sized firms due to its ease of use and affordable price. 

This is a secure cloud-based communications portal between clients and teams, and it allows CPAs to perform a variety of different tasks in one location. It is extremely easy to use and will take your firm to the next level.

Working Remotely

Basil makes it easy to work remotely, and in the current world, this is a vital part of any software for accounting firms. Because it is cloud-based, users can perform tasks on Basil from any place and at any time. It is easy to collaborate as well since many different people can work on the same documents at the same time.

When working with a large number of clients, collaboration is key. In old, traditional accounting software, only one person could edit a document at a time to maintain the information. If multiple people worked on one document at once, data would get deleted and things would get buggy.

Communication is easy using Basil, and it is easy to talk to both clients and team members. Basil makes it easy to send and share documents, collect signatures, and share data with co-workers. Having easy communication ensures that business can run smoothly for everyone involved.

Basil is inclusive software that has every feature that a CPA might need which allows them to work completely remotely. It also works in an office setting for maximum flexibility, and this is unique to Basil and sets it apart from other competitors.

The number of people working from home has greatly increased in recent years, and the accounting industry is no exception. Having software that can handle this shift is vital to the success of an accounting firm, and Basil is the best option on the market and comes at a great price point. Sign up today to get a month free and schedule a complimentary 1:1 demo with a product expert to your firm's goals and objectives for using Basil. 

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