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Best Solution for Global Teams to Securely Share Files

Sharissa Barnett Sep 7, 2022 3:06:17 PM
Global teams are securely sharing files using CoraCloud Practice Management.

Success in business has many facets. From employees who are engaged in what they do, to an effective vision and leadership at the helm, many elements are needed to set the stage for a productive team that thrives into the future. 


Elements that can easily be overlooked are efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. These matter, however. A poll done by OnePoll in 2019 explored how technology can better the workplace. It was found that, on average, about a quarter, or 25%, of a worker’s typical day can be wasted on time-consuming administrative tasks. These can include unnecessary conversations, unfruitful meetings, and report filing. 


The good news is, much of this can be avoided, or at least limited, by having access to the right tools. Digital systems that foster transparency throughout the workplace and allow for instant data sharing can set you ahead. File sharing you know is secure and effective is essential. 


Here’s what to look for when it comes to leading, secure file sharing for tax professionals and accountants. 

What do you need in a secure file sharing service?


When working with a global team, being able to communicate effectively and quickly online is essential. For the best experience, seek out tools with the following attributes. 


Seek out a cloud file sharing solution with reputable security features. for Look for management software with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and a high level of encryption.


For maximum security, choose data transfer tools that operate at a bank security level. Anything less can leave you open to hacking attacks, data leaks, and web crawlers.  


When implementing a cloud solution, it’s also advised to pursue a service that offers leading document management and project organization. This can help you complete tasks faster and keep data at your fingertips whenever you need it. Seek out a system that offers various document categories as well as a customizable task organizer that works like a personal assistant by following up with clients for you. To make life easier, it’s also advised you choose a tool that fosters document editing, as well as locking, versioning, and roll backs. 


Communicating effectively with team members and clients leads to success. Seek a system that allows you to share documents and organize your tasks with an unlimited number of clients. This can save time and facilitate clearer conversations. It can also save you money down the line. Everyone can stay up to date and on the same page with easy access to the latest company information. No more unnecessary emails or video calls, and no more added fees to accommodate additional clients as your business grows. 

E-signature capabilities


Your file sharing system should also include convenient e-signing tools. This way you do not need to search for them through a third party and pay additional fees. E-signing leads to effortless efficiency and quick resolution of documents and tasks. 




Finally, your cloud collaboration solution for tax accounting services doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. For the best service, search for a low-cost solution that makes sense for your business.


The benefits of Basil


Basil is a practice management software designed specifically for accountants and tax professionals. Constructed with 256-bit encryption, Basil is an industry-leading tool that includes task management, notifications, e-signing, and more. You get access to seamless and secure file sharing that can help set your business apart. 


We’re the #1 practice management client portal in the small business industry with solutions tailored specifically to CPA and accountants.


Try a 30-day free trial, no credit card required, now. Choose from three levels of plans and enjoy commitment-free access to the best in secure file sharing for efficiency and peace of mind. 

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